In attendance at a church service at London's Westminster Abbey on Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth used a walking stick at a major public affair for the first time.

The 95-year-old monarch got out of the vehicle with daughter Princess Anne, clutching a black stick - an unusual sight for the world's oldest monarch.

After undergoing knee surgery in 2004, she was photographed using a stick for the first time. Her office did not explain why she used the cane on Tuesday.

Queen Elizabeth steps out in public with walking stick

The Queen, Britain's longest-serving monarch, has been in good health throughout her life, with the exception of a brief hospital visit with a stomach bug in 2013.

Prince Philip, formerly known as the Duke of Edinburgh, died on April 9 at the age of 99, just weeks ahead of his 100th birthday and following a lengthy illness, SCMP reported.

After the two stepped out of the vehicle to attend the service on Tuesday, Princess Anne was spotted handing the monarch the mobility device. Queen Elizabeth II smiled as she walked into the room, dressed in a royal blue wool coat and matching hat.

Per The Republic World, she later went to the church to find a seat, entering the abbey through the Poet's Yard entrance for simpler navigation. When asked about the monarch's health, Buckingham Palace refuses to comment. The event brought together military families, veterans from the UK armed forces, as well as Commonwealth countries.

It honors the Royal British Legion, which was formed in 1921 to serve Royal servicemen. The Queen of the United Kingdom was said to have visited with Canadian troops defending her Windsor Castle home last week.

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The Queen remains in "high regard" despite son's legal battle

At the royal palace, the Queen interacted with troops from the 1st Regiment of the Royal Canadian House Artillery who were on duty. Her encounter with the Canadian Army was part of the 150th anniversary celebrations for the establishment of regular elements of the post-Confederation Canadian Army.

The British monarch turned 95 this year, marking her 70th year on the throne. Despite the pandemic, her birthday was celebrated by the first complete staging of trooping the color, which included a procession of almost 1,400 troops, according to sources in the British press.

Despite her second son Prince Andrew being accused of sexual assault, Queen Elizabeth II is still viewed in "high regard" by the general people.

According to a royal historian, people feel "great sympathy" for the 95-year-old Queen whose last years are being "overshadowed" by the ongoing lawsuit.

Virginia Robert Giuffre, an alleged victim of late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault on three occasions. The prince has categorically refuted all allegations leveled against him.

Dr. Anna Whitelock, a royal historian, told that he believes Prince Andrew is the major emphasis, rather than people's opinions of the Queen, who is regarded in great respect. Prince Andrew has always rejected the allegations against him, claiming in 2019 that they "never happened."

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