A possible nuclear leak is suspected when a US submarine hits a mysterious object under the South China Sea, says Chinese sources. Precisely what details were and at what depth the collision occurred was unknown, except the submarine was intact enough to forgo evacuation and the nuclear reactor is unbreeched.

The US Navy (USN) reported that the USS Connecticut Seawolf nuclear attack submarine struck an object while cruising in international waters in the South China Sea.

No one was reported seriously injured, with 11 crew hurt, while two suffered moderate injuries and no reports of radiation leaks on the submarine.

China warrants the US Navy to give details on the incident

The Chinese Foreign Ministry had a serious concern about the underwater collision when Zhao Lijian, foreign ministry spokesperson, said in the Global Times that the US should reveal the details of the incident, noted the Express UK. Why the submarine was there and the purpose of cruising at what depth, which led to the underwater collision.

Mr. Zhao stated that concerns are serious enough to warrant the US Navy to give details if there is a potential nuclear incident under the depths of the South China Sea.

Last Thursday, US Pacific Fleet officials released a statement that the USS Connecticut is safe and stable.

The incident happened on Saturday, October 2, and the status of the attack submarine and how extensive damage it incurred have not yet been checked. Still, officials will assess the hull and systems.

ABC News said that the unknown object struck in the South China Sea was not another underwater vehicle. USN officials added that USS Connecticut is headed to Guam and can operate but needs to be inspected by the navy for operational status. If the nuclear leak suspected when the US submarine hits a mysterious object happened, no one is saying in the navy.

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The Connecticut incident comes after the US has been exposed to be running a cadre of officers training the Taiwanese military covertly for twelve months.

US stressed  support to Taiwan

Beijing is now on the move to take steps and prepare China for possible war. The Chinese Foreign Ministry asked the US not to give any form of military support to Taipei.

It is seen as a provocative step by the US that a pronouncement was said the People's Republic of China will do anything to protect its interests.

Furthermore, the US should be more careful about dealing with Taiwan, stick to the one-China, no more arms sales to Taipei, and no more direct meddling via the military. These are potentially damaging to China-US relations, also will impact the situation in the straits.

The Wall Street Journal made the report that almost 24 special operations commandoes and unknown numbers of marines are giving training to the Taiwanese forces. It was the Trump administration that sent the US specialists covertly but was exposed recently.

From 1979, American troops have not been sent to the island, the same year Washington formalized international relations with Deng Xiaoping in the administration of Jimmy Carter.

Pentagon representative John Supple would not directly comment about the report but stressed US support for Taiwan in its bid to stay independent from the mainland communists.

Learning of the US-Taiwan military pact, China's state council condemned the military activity on the island enclave last Friday, cautioning Taipei that their actions are bringing the situation into a disaster.

Moreover, the Chinese express concern over the suspected nuclear leak when the US submarine hits mysterious object has not been confirming details of what happened.

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