Fox News host Sean Hannity recently condemned Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal strategy.

On Wednesday, Hannity called the POTUS a liar for saying that there's no other choice but to pull out and leave the troops behind.

"As you can see, Joe Biden was lying. He is not an honest person. When the going gets tough, Joe Biden lies and takes zero responsibility. The buck does not stop with him. He is a sleazy, disreputable 1970s politician from Delaware, who is not qualified to be president of the United States," he said via Fox News.

Hannity also slammed the Biden administration for sweeping the Afghanistan debacle under the rug, which the host believes they are good at. He also went on to criticize the POTUS's military advisors, who are seemingly covering up.

According to Hannity, it seems that Biden never lost sleep over the innocent people that he left behind. The president hasn't also talked about the Americans that are still in Afghanistan in the last 30 days.

Joe Biden shuns questions about Afghanistan

Hannity isn't the only one with this kind of observation regarding Biden's handling of Afghanistan and the American troops that are still in the country.

Last month, he refused to respond to a question about Afghanistan while at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington, according to Washington Times.

The president initially opened the floor for questions, but Biden walked away when one reporter asked about Afghanistan. This encounter reportedly came three days after ISIS-K terrorists attacked the airport in Kabul, killing 13 US service members and approximately 170 Afghans.

Biden was also nowhere in sight when during the Aug. 15 collapse of Kabul. And he reportedly watched the harrowing events unfold while at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland. However, it is essential to note that Biden addressed the nation after the Afghanistan incident took place. 

Is Joe Biden's lack of response the right thing to do?

Despite all the criticisms he has received, some people have also come to Biden's defense.

Slate noted that Biden's stand about sending American troops to Afghanistan has always been the same. In fact, during Barack Obama's presidency, the generals were pushing for a major escalation of the war in Afghanistan that they requested for 40,000 more troops to be sent to the country.

Biden, a vice president at the time, was the only person who tried to convince Obama not to follow the orders. He told the ex-POTUS that sending 10,000 troops sounds sensible.

In his memoir, "A Promised Land," Obama revealed how Biden urged him not to be boxed by the generals. Biden believes that if Obama sends 40,000 troops to Afghanistan, the generals would ask him to send another 40,000 after a year and a half.

Obama later acknowledged that Biden was right. So, this might also be the reason why Biden refused to follow Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley's request.

Milley reportedly urged Biden to send 2,500 troops to Afghanistan even though he knew that 30,000 others might be needed if the Taliban resumed fighting. However, the POTUS denied his request.

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