A Chinese defector to the West has revealed the Beijing has been violating the rights of many. They use these prisoners in inhuman bio-weaponizing experiments that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) researches.

These human guinea pigs were involved in Nazi-style experiments that included weaponization of anything that could be deployed to sicken or kill the enemy. It is a method similar to the creation of COVID-19, which has infected the whole globe since December 2019.

Defector claims China conducts lab studies covertly

Wei Jingsheng, a Human rights activist who spoke to author Sharri Markson, 37, in her book,' 'What happened in Wuhan.' According to Markson, the book centers on her investigative work examining the twists and turns of the coronavirus pandemic, reported the Express UK.

One of the book's goals said the Australian journalist is to prove a link to the ruling party with the Chinese military.

In the Sun UK, Wei made a big claim that China has been conducting covert lab studies on humans and has gotten worse over the years. But now he's worried it might have gotten worse and dangerous.

Markson has said the unethical and repugnant studies ordered communist dissidents as helpless test subjects like the Nazis did in the last world war. Wei, the Chinese defector, may point to definite proof of inhuman bio-weaponizing experiments done by the CCP.

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One of these goose-steppers is Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death. He regularly made experiments on Jews, doing odd experiments and fatally injuring many prisoners. Others tortured in the death camp labs were Soviet troops, disabled, and even children, which were almost unthinkable, but it did happen.

Western media still has to prove Chinese defector's claims

Wei claims that experiments in China were done by the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS), which is the medical section of the People Liberation Army. It is prohibited to research nuclear war and especially biowarfare intentionally. The defector thinks the AMS is active in this research, which is not a far cry from the suspected origin of SARS-CoV-2.

A report states that an exercise platoon of soldiers was given the best food and examined for human body experiments.

It was mentioned that soldiers are used as test subjects in field experiments to look into medical research studies. It is not so unusual for the PLA to do such activities.

Western media has not proven the horror of the leaders of China doing the same thing as the Nazis did in the death camps.

 The systematic oppression of the Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province has made international headlines which Beijing's central vehemently denies, citing the BBC.

Claims that this Chinese minority is now being treated inhumanely and subjected to activities that violate their human rights. The Chinese Communist Party called it untrue and defaming against them.

Markson, a Sydney-based journalist, has gotten one-on-one interviews from experts on the coronavirus outbreak and how they think the outbreak's center has always been Wuhan.

There are too many loose ends to the Wuhan mystery, but the Chinese defector Wei is an excellent start to prove China may have done inhuman bio-weaponizing experiments. 

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