The alligator suspected of devouring and killing a Louisiana man may have been found after the monster was captured and killed by officials in the state. Hurricane Ida had shocked many that included killer alligators waiting in ambush for victims in the raised floodwaters.

Alligator captured after 2-week search

Timothy Satterlee Sr, 71-year-old, never knew what hit him. The alligator attacked him at the very doorstep of his home. After the hurricane, officials searched if the victim survived two weeks after his wife witnessed the alligator attack. After a harried search, if the victim might have survived the attack by chance, they finally trapped the 12-foot, about 228 kg alligator reported the Mirror UK.

Last Monday, after authorities finally caught the murderous alligator, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office proceeded to check the contents of its stomach. Inside was the grisly remains of someone chewed up and torn to bits by the killer alligator. The authorities will test what is left of the person torn to shreds to confirm whether it is Satterlee Sr or not. The victim was last seen alive on the 30th of August, assessing the storm damage to his home in Slidell, about 35 miles and northeast of New Orleans, cited Wion News.

One of the strongest storms to hit the US Gulf Coast, Ida was not the only danger. One of those was a gator waiting for prey hidden. The alligator suspected of devouring and killing a Louisiana man wanted something to eat.

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Floods can happen like acts of nature, just like when Ida hit Louisiana so hard that a new levee and floodgate were not enough to stop floods from rolling in New Orleans. Wildlife officers were searching on airboats where killer alligators might be hiding out last Saturday. Sending out a drone that was seen close to the house of Satterlee, remarked Cpt. Lance Vitter, for the sheriff.

Last Monday, a trap set by two local alligator hunters with permission from the Department of Wildlife contained the half-ton suspect animal, in a statement of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office, noted Reuters.

Alligator's belly contents confirm the death of the Louisiana man 

After the alligator was captured, it was killed to check its stomach contents where they found out the horrible human parts were still in its belly, mentioned the sheriff's office. Vitter said it was the upper torso ripped to shreds.

The victim lived close to where swamp tours were organized to see alligators and various wild animals. Vitter said the reptile would not eat humans, but it might after Ida prevented the animals from getting fed when their food was not available. The victim served as the next best option for the monster. The St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office confirmed that an alligator devoured and killed the Louisiana man and is yet to determine if there is another man-eater out there.

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