An elephant unexpectedly knocks out man in terrifying footage showing how powerful these mammals are. The video shows the ferocity of the pachyderm as it stomps the human to death, like a rag doll.

Lethal force can be used by such large animals when triggered by people, when otherwise tranquil. The victim did not see it coming that the animal would react in such a way that would cost a life.

Man feeds elephant but was trampled to death

Using its trunk, an elephant battered a man with its strong trunk and started to stomp the victim underfoot until dead, reported the Sun UK. Rachan Theerapittayatrakul, the identified victim of the fatal elephant attack, was pummeled and crushed by a female elephant called Cherry in Pak Chong, Thailand.

Police Captain Arthit Poontaisong, the deputy inspector of Mu Si police, reported that the 55-year-old victim stopped his pickup truck to feed the elephant sugarcane when he noticed it was tied to a tree close to the road. Police claim that he meant well, but the large mammal misinterpreted it, felt threatened, and assaulted the man fatally. It took all of two minutes for Cherry to hurl the man like a rag doll in the air, resulting in his death. 

During the devastating attack, seen in the footage was the 28-year-old elephant swinging her trunk that hit the victim so hard, sending him down. Next, its large feet were stomping and crushed bones until he died. Cherry, the elephant, unexpectedly knocks out the man, which baffled the owner as, why it happened.

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Elephant owner baffled why the mammal attacked

Cherry's owner, Peng Yimram, spoke to the police right after the April incident, which took the life of Rachan Theerapittayatrakul. He said that the elephant has never exhibited such aggressive tendencies until now, cited the Bangkok Post. He added that the elephant is always at the same place every morning for years. The mammal gives rides to tourists visiting the Pak Chong area.

According to the owner, on the day she killed the man, he was nearby mowing grass. He only noticed something was amiss when a group of bystanders was close by the tree, where he tied the animal.

Rachan is not the only one recently killed by a rampaging elephant. In the last few months, these incidents show how unpredictable these tusked mammals can be.

Other victims of fatal elephant attacks

Last month an elephant attack killed an elderly, 68, by impaling him with deadly ivory tusks, cited Eminetra.

When Emile Moussavou, in the Como-Kango region of Gabon, encounters an elephant close to his village of Cachilaire mentions the media. The victim did not expect the large animal to charge. With his back turned to the elephant, one of its tusks struck his left leg. Next, he was tossed and flying for several meters free of the animal's tusk. He ran away and was scared to death when he escaped, hiding in fear of getting killed by the animal. He crawled despite his injured leg to the village and went to a hospital for treatment.

In another video, a man died after getting squished to death after workers made the mistake of shooing away an elephant herd past a plantation in Letekujan, in Assam. One in the herd attacked unexpectedly, causing chaos in the crowd. No one thought the elephant unexpectedly knocked out a man without provocation and just happened. These attacks on humans show that elephants are still wild despite domestication.

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