Kris Wu, a Chinese Canadian superstar, was arrested last month on accusations of sexual assault. The authorities have been silent about the idol since then. However, there have been rumors of Kris's mother being imprisoned, as well as news that he has liquidated his assets.

The Beijing Chaoyang Detention Centre now held Kris Wu while awaiting his rape trial. While surprising news circulated about the celebrity, it was revealed that Wu acted quickly to preserve his fortune.

Representative of Kris Wu liquidates his assets

When 19-year-old influencer Du Meizhu accused Wu of sexual assault and preying on children under the pretense of hiring girls for his music videos, several businesses broke relations with him. Despite his denials, it was revealed that the 30-year-old had begun discreetly liquidating his affiliate firms, The reported.

According to Jayne Stars, a relative of Wu's, Wu Lin, who was the representative and executive member of several of his linked firms, had already gone through the liquidation procedure and had their records canceled.

According to reports, Kris Wu only had two operating businesses under his name in July, both of which he controls 99.99 percent of the stock. Furthermore, it was rumored that Wu had tried to sell off his Beijing luxury residences.

The "November Rain" singer is believed to possess three houses, two of which are in the Chaoyang region, namely Wu's Star River and Palm Spring properties. Another residence is in the Dongcheng district's Grand MOMA.

Kris Wu's real estate and vehicles were allegedly purchased abroad, with all of his assets transferred to Canada when Wu was anxious about selling his Beijing properties after his sexual assault scandal broke. If Wu is proven guilty in China, he may face a term ranging from three to ten years in jail. If the victim was under the age of 18 or if there were several victims, a harsher penalty may be imposed.

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A video resurfaced online alleging Kris Wu visited hospital

Fans speculated on the reasons after seeing a video of a man who has a remarkable similarity to the idol visiting a hospital. Last night, a 5-second video was released on Weibo showing a person being led through a hospital by two police officers.

The tall, slender figure was completely clothed from head to toe, and his feet were bound together by fetters. For netizens, five seconds was sufficient. They immediately started looking for answers in the video, as per HYPE.

Ex-fans were ready to come forward and confirm the figure's identity as Kris Wu. Others agreed that the figure and Kris Wu resembled each other. Aside from identifying the person in the video, this normal Sherlock Holmes also tried to find out whose hospital was featured in it. The facility, according to netizens, was Beijing Ditan Hospital in Chaoyang District, formerly known as "Beijing No. 1 Infectious Hospital."

Infection diseases, dermatology, and venereology appear to be specialties at the institution. One netizen said, "The physicians on the wall are specialists in STDs." Others pointed out that the cops who were carrying the person wore gloves.

The K-pop singer and actor was previously embroiled in yet another controversy. Rumors abound that the former member of EXO, who is being investigated for sexual assault, married in secret and has a 2-year-old daughter.

Kris iWis a married guy, according to stories on Korean and Chinese web portals, and his wife is said to be raising their daughter alone. Similar accusations have been made in the past and have lately resurfaced amid the actor's legal problems, according to reports.

Per Times of India, the accusations were dismissed as false rumors since there was insufficient proof to back them up. These fresh claims have yet to be confirmed or refuted by Kris Wu and his team.

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