A grand jury in Georgia has declined to indict a teen boy who claimed he killed his father because "his father had enough of abusing his mother."

Tucker Gales, then 15, was arrested for the shooting death of Wesley Gales, 66, on October 28. Because of the continuous abuse, he acknowledged to Columbia County Sheriff's officers that he shot his father in the head with a.22-caliber Marlin rifle.

The 15-year-old used a.22 rifle to shoot his father in the head, who had previously been arrested for domestic violence. Tucker admitted to shooting his father when sheriffs arrived at the house.

Court opted not to charge the boy who shot his father dead

The Georgia teen stated he "had enough" of his father abusing his mother and that he had been abused by him. The teen was detained and transported to jail on suspicion of murder but was released on bail and permitted to return home while prosecutors considered whether or not to prosecute him.

The matter was handed over to a grand jury, but on Wednesday, the grand jury opted not to press charges against the boy. The decision, according to District Attorney Bobby Christine, reflects "[the] community's collective wisdom."

Friends of the family have started petitions and a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the teenager's legal defense fund. The page raised $10,000 out of a total goal of $75,000, as per Daily Mail.

Wesley's ex-wife, Deborah, was also subjected to some of the abuse described in previous local media stories. He kicked her in the groin and struck her in one incident of assault.

For a 15-year-old child, that scenario looks hopeless, and he felt he had to take matters into his own hands, and our hearts are aching for him, Sarah Hensley, the mother of one of Tucker's friends, previously told WJBF. Another buddy said that he would frequently arrive at school with bruises on his arms.

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Teen "had enough" of an abusive father

The grand jury convening on Wednesday saw no reason to indict Tucker Gales, according to Columbia County District Attorney Bobby Christine. The judgment is the final word on the subject, he added.

A history of domestic abuse was revealed in court documents, including a guilty plea in May 2020 to domestic abuse and child cruelty charges stemming from an event in May. Wesley Gales was given a 12-month probationary period.

The older Gales was accused of hitting his wife Deborah in the eye, kicking her in the head, and tossing a DVD player down the hall during that encounter. Deborah Gales contacted 911 in September 2020 to say that her husband had threatened to shoot her and her son. Wesley Gales has rejected the claims, and police have decided not to press charges due to contradictory accounts.

There had been prior allegations dating back to at least 2011, but none of them had resulted in Wesley Gales being imprisoned. Following Tucker Gales' arrest, community people flooded social media with support, and a local attorney offered to accept his case on a pro bono basis, Crime Online reported.

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