The Kremlin will send high-tech radars that can detect stealth Signatures and hypersonic systems compared to standard radar. It will be installed in the far eastern reaches of Russian to defend from such weapon systems.

 It is new to state-of-the-art Rezonans-N Radar. A sophisticated radar detects the undetectable like the F-35 or even hypersonic weaponry, which is the greatest danger it faces.

Such installations will be first installed in the Sakhalin region according to the Russian domestic defense industry. The defense ministry will decide its final location.

Getting the edge over near peers

 Despite these pronouncements, according to the Russian news agency TASS, it is not confirmed yet. Also, the operators of the new radar systems would be starting their acclimatization to using them in 2023.

 A single-module installation of this kind has been constructed at the radio-technical training facility of the Russian Air Defense Forces in the Vladimir Region, reported the ExpressUK.

Three Rezonans-N all-around surveillance four-module radar systems of the Russian Northern Fleet's 45th Air Force and Air Defense Army are currently on operational alert or dispatched.

There are three radar stations on alert, and two more radar units are in the Russian Arctic. It performs in the meter band and employs the theory of wave resonance, enabling them to spot stealth aircraft and hypersonic objects traveling at speeds more than Mach 20, flying at incredible speeds of Mach 20 or more.

The high-tech radars can find targets and provide target identification on aerodynamic targets at a range of 600 km, and detect stealth Signatures and hypersonic systems at a range of 1,200 km or a height of approximately 100 km.

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Reports come after a Russian Navy anti-submarine ship called Vice-Admiral Kulakov, accompanied by other logistic boats, crossed the English Channel earlier in the month, noted Wales Online.

On August 14, the press office of the Russian Northern fleet said that a large ASW ship is already in the Channel. It said the ships and support vessel were fronted by the Large ASW ship, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet, went by the Pas-de-Calais and continues to move south in the English Channel.

Ships in the fleet is a Russian corvette called "Gremyachchiy," even a minesweeper "Vladimir Emelyanov" serving the Black Fleet.

After the Main Naval Parade, several ships joined the Vice-Admiral Kulakov in the North Sea on August 12. The two ships reportedly joined the anti-submarine destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov of the Northern Fleet in the North Sea on August 12 after participating in Russia's Main Naval Parade. The ships are intended to coordinate on a variety of tasks, notably inter-fleet coordination and lengthy journeys.

The Naval Day parade

On July 25, officially recognized as Navy Day in Russia, the Main Naval Parade took place mostly on river Neva in St Petersburg. A total of 4,000 sailors were involved, with 50-plus ships, of many naval assets paraded Russia's maritime might. It included 40 planes, helos which made it more impressive.

Vladimir Putin rode a ship that inspected the ships and men in the Bay of Finland. The Russian leader acknowledges the sailors on Navy Day. He gave a speech to boost the morale of the Russian forces that day. These high-tech radars, which can catch stealth signatures and hypersonic systems, are part of the Russian arsenal to defend mother Russia.

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