Japan will install anti-aircraft missile units to repel any sorties by the Chinese in Japanese territory. This came as the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) threatened other nations to declare that Taiwan belongs to China.

Long dormant Tokyo has decided to tentatively place missiles to attack planes or ships that violate Japanese territory. In the past, the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has probed the defense of Japan.

The location of the missile emplacements is on an island that is 200 miles less close to Taiwan in the East China Sea (ECS). Tells Beijing it will not sit by and allow it to steam roller Japan, said Japanese defense officials.

Tokyo is Taking Proactive Measures

Nobuo Kishi, a Tokyo representative, told the report that Japan is arming up for the defense. There will be an additional 500 to 600 missile defense specialists in Ishigaki, part of Okinawa Prefecture, reported Express UK.

Ishigaki is at the terminal part of the Nansei Islands, only 185 miles from besieged Taiwan. It is near the Senkaku Isles, which China wants to claim sovereignty, noted SCMP. He added that the details are getting done until all the goings-on will be sorted by the end of 2021 and be in place by the following year.

But Kishi said that adding electronic warfare units on the Yonguni, the westernmost inhabited island, will be part of the budget suggested for 2023 defense acquisitions.

He recently visited the troops in Yonaguni last April and commented that the coast of Taiwan was almost visible 70 miles away.

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Taiwan's Survival Needs Greater Attention

Such is a response from Tokyo from the belligerence of the CCP in the East and the South China Sea, as its navy expands and threatens with its blue-water navy. The People's Liberation Army Navy has done drills through the Miyako Strait separating Okinawa and Miyako Island.

A Japanese print suggested the new missile unit will have 'surface-to-ship' and 'ground-to-air missiles' and deal with major assaults or disasters.

Experts say that China is establishing anti-access and area denial (A2/AD) capabilities in island chain chokepoints to prevent the US from stopping the PLA in an Indo-Pacific war. It will be Taiwan as the object, which China considers as a part of its territory.

In a conflict, the Chinese will send their carriers and ship to the east of Taiwan in the event of an attack. The PLA will use the A2/AD as a screen to prevent getting attacked by the US Fleet's air wings.

It will be tit for tat as Japan will have its A2/AD to kill Chinese navy ships entering the Pacific Ocean.

According to a white paper published by the Japanese defense, concerns were mentioned on the Chinese Coast Guard in the Senkakus, Diaoyu, which Beijing covets. Critically Taiwan is mentioned in the paper. Japan's national security is linked to keeping Taiwan free.

But, China is angered at the intervention of another nation because the PLA may not be able to fight on several fronts. Beijing uses coercion that works with lesser nations.

Mr. Kishi said that China is trying to claim Taiwan isolated. But he asked members of the international committee to pressure Beijing to stop its aggressive actions in Taiwan Strait, cited FR24 News.

He adds that greater attention should focus on the survival of Taiwan rather than a direct military collision between China and Taiwan. 

If Japan installs anti-aircraft missile units in specific locations, that will limit the movement of the PLA in some places in the East China Sea. It displeases the CCP, who wants to have it easier in taking Taiwan.

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