Chinese military continues its plan to invade the Senkakus, and this has prompted Japanese defense officials to warn them off. Chinese are probing Japan and attempting to wear the nation down, as if preparing for a conflict.

Japanese Minister of Defence Taro Kono stated to Kong Xuanyou, Japanese Ambassador to China, to stop Chinese activities in the disputed islands. For China, anything that is touched by assigned so-called territorial borders is theirs. But the Japanese will not have it and enforce their claim on the island chain despite the intimidation by China, according to Japan Times.

Areas like the Spratlys, Paracels, and Fire Reef have been easily claimed without much resistance. Countries like Vietnam and Philippines have been harassed and in some cases, have been literally rammed by Chinese vessels. But Japan, with a modern military and with a U.S. treaty, is not afraid of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

According to the Japanese Defense Ministry, the response of the Chinese consul has not been disclosed yet. The reported meeting was held in the auspices of the Japanese, per request of the Chinese.

During the meeting, Kono expressed concern about the military activities that were center on China's intent on the disputed islands. In Chinese, the Senkaku Islands are called the Diaoyu which has recently been intruded that was not called a violation by Beijing.

On Tuesday, the Defence Ministry was the site of the discussion that lasted for 40 minutes. It was rather urgent because the Japanese were accusing Beijing of invading Japanese territorial waters, according to SCMP.

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Fed up with the Chinese, Kono told them to stop and desist their activities. Otherwise, the alternative is that the Self-Defence force will be responding if any intrusions increase. This statement was a matter of fact that signals a tougher stance from Tokyo.

He said on August 4 that the SDF will be involved in enforcing Japanese presence with the Japan Coast Guard as a notice to China, according to Asahi.

A month ago, China challenged Japan's rights and deemed it illegal for them to enforce its laws within the disputed islands. When it comes to territorial claims, the CCP in Beijing has not been forthcoming, particularly in the South China Sea.

Japanese are concerned about the suspension of the fishing ban in the East China Sea that is rich with resources. Once the ban is lifted, this will mean more Chinese fishing vessels in areas that are not Chinese-owned. Another is how to enforce laws on these vessels that will be flying the Chinese flag.

There is great competition in the resources of the islands which the Japanese considered as theirs. But, China is more than willing to cheat them on their rights.

Last Monday, Japanese lawmakers (Liberal Democratic Party) made a study group decide on how to protect the disputed islands and keep it under Tokyo's umbrella, also securing the areas of the East China Sea from further intrusions.

Tomomi Inada, LDP, and a former defense minister, mentioned China's aggressiveness is threatening Japanese hegemony over the Senkakus. Part of her suggestions is research in the island chain, which has not been done for a long time.

Initially, a heliport or lighthouse could be helpful as well. One addition that will shelter fishermen will be a refuge or a harbor, that will shield them from illegal Chinese military intrusions.

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