The biggest fear men is to have sexual disfunction after getting vaccinated.  However, these vaccines do not trigger erectile dysfunction or even male infertility, contrary to popular opinion that permeates social media.

What is the deal with male fertility and coronavirus?

Researchers allege that COVID-19 is a risk for sterility. There has been minimal investigation into how the virus and vaccinations affect the male reproductive system. Research undertaken by physicians at the University of Miami gives light on how it affects men, reported Sciencealert.

In the study, the findings show how it can affect men of all ages. This will be important for middle aged and younger males who want to have kids.

Data from the study was based on the investigation of those men who died from SARS-CoV-2. A group of researchers studied the testicles from a least six subjects.  

After examining the tissue, there was COVID-19 present in one of the men's testicles with a depleted sperm count in three of the samples.  

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But one patient who survived the virus got a testis biopsy about ninety days after the SARS-CoV-2. He was cleared from his system. Surprisingly, the biopsy shows that his testicles are a repository for the virus.

Penile tissue is affected?

Another shocking findings is the male genitalia has been affected. The virus was isolated in the penile tissues from two men with penile implants, seven to nine months before initial COVID-19 confirmation.

They were suffering from a limp organ because of less blood going to the tissues. Without enough blood, they cannot get an erection. But the virus symptoms they got were relatively mild.

One subject was hospitalized indicating that even those with a mild case of the virus can recuperate from it but with erectile problems as a result.

These findings weren't that surprising with a light bout against the coronavirus. It was alleged by studies that testicles are vulnerable to infection, causing sperm count and fertility problems for men.

Serious implications alleged

One set of testes tissue was sourced from another six men who died from the 2006 SARS-CoV virus, it was found that the cells were destroyed and almost no sperm was left.

Another virus that can make testicles suffer is the mumps and the Zika viruses that will get into tissue and make the testes swell up! An analysis of 20% who had these viruses suffered low sperm counts.

The original article claims that from a small study of 45 men, they allege that Pfizer and Moderna will be safe for the reproductive system of men.

If any man is worried about getting inoculated because it will affect male performance, it is allegedly safe. Despite the claim of any vaccine maker that says it's okay, it is not yet determined if it will indeed make one sterile, or may result into sexual dysfunction.

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