China has accused the United States of repressing Beijing. The country prompted Washington to remove tariffs and sanctions in discussions in the Tianjin's north-eastern port. According to Foreign Minister Wang Yi, it was up to the consideration of the US to decide on the most favorable decision.

During the visit of Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, China displayed no sign of tempering the abrasive rhetoric with the United States. She held open and straightforward discussions with one of his deputies in the Tianjin and Wang. Highlighting a mounting clashing relationship between the two wealthiest countries in the globe, China's officials accused the US of forcing diplomacy. Sherman questioned the moral high horse with which the US reportedly has convened an assembly of international partners against it. She also cautioned the US not to meddle in Xinjiang and Taiwan dilemmas.

Relationship Between China, US in Deadlock

According to Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on Monday, the relationship between the two nations is currently facing serious problems and is in a deadlock.

According to the ministry's release, "Fundamentally, it is because some Americans portray China as an 'imagined enemy. We urge the United States to change its highly misguided mindset and dangerous policy," reported CNBC.

Xie remarked the retaliation of China against Washington is rational and permissible, reported NDTV.

Wang expounded on the three bottom lines of China in effectively overseeing and mitigating dividedness in the association between China and the US. These indicate that the US should not bastardize, dare, or seek to destablize the Chinese system and path, must not disturb the development of China, and must not contravene the territorial integrity or national sovereignty.

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Making bottom lines crystal clear and prompting the United States to correct its wrong actions and wrong mental attitude is the main reason behind the deadlock to the already smeared China-US associations. On Monday, China posed direct questions to the US. These involve how the US could seek favorable outcomes of the bilateral associations with its guideline of repressing China, reported Global Times.

Wang made the remarks during discussions with Sherman. Sherman said Washington was not looking to have a dispute with China. She is also the most senior official from the United States to visit the country in months.

2 Lists of Actions

Chinese officials also presented the Deputy Secretary of State with two lists of action. Such lists included lifting visa prohibitions for students, penalities on officials of the Communist Party, reopening the door for Confucius Institutes, and making life more convenient for state-affiliated journalists.

China would still like to coordinate with the US on the circumstances that its leaders adhere in accordance to Chinese interests and alter and their course.

Xie reportedly then stated that the side of China presented the US with two lists. One of the list comprises "errors" that it needs to address and the other list consists of issues Beijing regarded as essential.

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