Resulting in serious flooding in areas of central China, relentless rain has forced citizens from their homes roads have been submerged. Over 10,000 Henan province citizens have been relocated to shelters after the copious rainfall.

The Henan province in China had inundated overflowing dams, inundating riverbanks, and the same with public transportation system. Tens of millions of fatalities have been recorded.

The heavy rainfall shut down the city's subway system, leaving passengers trapped waist-deep in water.

Emergency Response to the Highest Level

In central Henan province, the Chinese army cautioned that a stricken dam may collapse anytime following being seriously damaged in sweeping storms that has forced numerous people to evacuate and recorded the fatalities.

Weather officials for Henan and Zhengzhou cautioned the emergency response to the heavy rain to the greatest level. Forecasts foretold the heavy rain would go on until Wednesday evening, reported Dinestle.

Since the weekend, the lives of millions of Henan citizens have been overturned in an uncommonly active rainy season that has resulted in the swift rise of a number of rivers in the Yellow River basin. A dozen of cities' streets have been flooded. However, dozens of dams and water reservoirs have ruptured warning levels, reported Arab News.

Heaviest Rainfall in Decades

It is regarded as the heaviest rainfall in decades in China. The flooding reached the subway. Hundreds of people there were trapped in in tunnels and trains, according to eyewitnesses on social media and state media, reported Get to Text.

The Henan province is comprised of an estimated 94 million people.

Numerous factors could be cited for the flooding. However, a warming atmosphere that resulted from climate change makes severe rainfall more possible.

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On Tuesday, photos posted on social media displayed passengers up to their necks in water. They were holding on to the handrails inside a Zhengzhou subway's carriage. According to city officials, Zhengzou had gone through a series of copious and unusual rainstorms. This resulted in the water to be amassed in Zhengzhou metro.

Photos on social media of the Henan province displayed its streets submerged. Debris and cars were being lugged in the rapidly moving waters.

In Luoyang city, soldiers have been designated and an army indicated in a statement that its dam could crumble anytime.

Over a dozen cities have been impacted by the massive rainfall. Flights have been cancelled and main roads have been forced to close.

The Guojiazui reservoir's water storage was at a higher susceptibility of dam failure and the local government was commanding evacuations, according to the Zhengzhou flood control headquarters.

Betwen Saturday and Tuesday, 3,535 weather stations in Henan reported rainfall of over 5 centimeters. Authorites stated that from the stations, 1,614 registered levels beyond 10 cm and 151 above 25 cm were recorded.

Flooding is common during the rainfall season of China. However, the threat has aggravated throughout the decades. This is partly because of prevalent building of levees and dams.

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