The parliament of France has approved a bill that imposes the requirement of COVID-19 passes for individuals traveling within the country. It will also necessitate health care workers to be administered the novel coronavirus vaccine by the middle of September. The bill necessitates people to display "health passes" to board trains, planes, or eat at restaurants and other public places. It also mandated inoculations for all health workers.

Such measures have led to political tumult and demonstrations. President Emmanuel Macron and his team stated they need to shield susceptible populations and hospitals as coronavirus cases ricochet and to alleviate new lockdowns.

The new law is merely applicable to adults. It is expected to extend to individuals from 12 years old and above starting in September 30.

The passage of the bill comes after President Emmanuel Macron pledged to combat the low vaccination rate throughout the country in order to protect the most susceptible individuals.

According to French President Emmanuel Macron in July, they have been able to contain the situation. Why they were able to do such is due to the decisions they have executed. He added they are yet again racing against time. "We need to spend this summer vaccinating," reported Business Insider.

Over the weekend, the health protection initiatives resulted in tens of thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets through France. COVID-19 cases spike in France to an estimated 20,000 a day from a few thousand earlier in July.

'Health Pass'

The said "health pass" necessitates people to show online or a hard copy of a proof of vaccination or evidence that they have recently recuperated from the virus. If not, they should display the most updated negative test.

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The newly-implemented law also necessitates health care sector workers to receive inoculation by September 15, or they would have to risk being suspended.

The law indicates a government decree will draw up how to handle inoculation documents from other nations.

The new guidelines may remain effective through November 15. However, it will depend on the spread of COVID-19 in France. On early Monday, lawmakers approved the said bill.

Announcement of the Bill

The bill was revealed mere six days earlier.

Lawmakers drew it out through the night and the weekend to settle on a compromise version approved by the National Assembly past midnight and the Senate on Sunday night, reported France 24.

According to French health minister Olivier Véran, non-inoculated health workers would not be allowed to work following the fixed date or would not receive an income.

President Macron called for unity following a hospital visit in French Polynesia. He underscored that a number of people were in the business of illogical, at times jaded, and manipulative marshaling over guidelines designated to shield people. He posed the question regarding the worth of freedom if you say to him, "'I don't want to be vaccinated,' but tomorrow you infect your father, your mother or myself?'" reported Axios.

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