A meteor was spotted in the North Texas Sky on a Sunday evening, as the object hurtled in the sky. At the moment, it was seen entering the Earth's atmosphere when it blew up in a fireball. 

Texas Storms Chasers and other witnesses said that a loud boom was heard in several parts of Texas at around 9 PM, reported Yahoo.

Confirmed meteorite tweet says

According to KXAS-TV (NBC5)'s David Finfrock on Twitter, the object was just a meteor, as opposed to some outlandish claims of being a UFO.

Another video of the Dallas skyline displays the camera panning out and recording a brightly shining light heading north, reported Dallas News

It rushed across the sky at a fast rate of speed and was visible to areas in southern Scandinavia, the network says. The meteor witnessed in the North Texas sky burnt up quickly. 

A group of researchers will be on the hunt for the meteorites which they believe fell in the woods near Oslo. When a meteor enters Earth's atmosphere at an incredible speed and glows brightly, it is classified as a meteorite.

Norwegian meteor

Early Sunday, videos show tremendous flashing lights over Norway, accompanied by deafening crashes, mentioned witnesses, cited the BBC

Authorities in Norway report that they got a swarm of alarms. However, officers detected no injuries or damage to the property. .

According to the Norwegian Meteor Network, the fireball was observable for about five seconds, once it emerged at around 01:00 local time (23:00 GMT). 

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Vegard Rekaa, a Norwegian astronomer, spoke to the BBC, claiming his wife had been awake and aware. Before the explosions, there was a "vibration in the air." She believed it was something large crashing near the building.The astronomer saw many videos of the meteorite that are not often seen in most circumstances. 

This meteorite is believed to have impacted a forested location named Finnemarka, 60 kilometers (40 miles) west of Oslo. A group of campers claims that they saw the fireball.

A female camper reported seeing the fireball from a short distance but thought it was her friends playing a trick on her.

She claimed that she could see a fireball from a short distance but misinterpreted this for a prank perpetrated by her companions. Scientists think the meteorite could weigh at least 22-pounds at the least. 

Rekaa remarked that although the meteorite was not particularly big, it is noteworthy because so many people heard or saw it.

One of the members, Morten Billet of the Norwegian Meteor Network (NWM) said the space rocks' entry.

One of the reasons why the rock landed on Earth is that it must have collided in the asteroid belt while en route between Jupiter and Mars.

Bilet said the event was unusual but not very dangerous. A meteor strike is very benign for most cases, but some have caused quite a bit of damage like the one in the Urals Mountains in Russia, 2013.The meteor witnessed in the North Texas Sky and Oslo, Norway, only shows these are random strikes but highlights the dangers of large meteors and its potential damage. 

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