At an appearance at Virginia rally on Friday, President Joe Biden was interrupted by an audience member. The president halted his speech momentarily to address the individual.

Biden was speaking at a campaign event for Terry McAuliffe's bid to run for governor for a second term. A throng of people began making a disruption as Biden spoke praises regarding the Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, who prompted her state's citizens to receive inoculation against COVID-19.

Biden Campaigning for McAuliffe

Biden remarked that he and Terry McAuliffe have things in common; one of which was that they both ran against former President Donald Trump. He then said he "whipped" the former president and so will McAuliffe in Virginia.

The president started saying, "Thank God the governor of Arkansas - excuse me, Alabama..." when someone in the crowd interrupted his statement, reported Washington Examiner.

Addressing the interrupting audience member, he said to let him talk when the anonymous individual shouted from the back of the throng of people. The president said, "Look, it's not a Trump rally, let him holler, no one's paying attention," reported Fox News. This resulted in the Virginia gubernatorial candidate to clap and laugh behind him.

The man satarted booing from the estimated 500 audience members at Lubber Run Park in Arlington. He was reportedly yelling, "Stop Line Three," reported The US SunThen, the president drowned out the rattled person at the back.

The phrase was apparently a reference to an Enbridge pipeline project. It was constructed in the 1960s and is getting a $3 billion inundation to be in place of hundreds of miles of pipes in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

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The president was reportedly in the Virginia area to raise money for the candidate, who earlier had a tenure as the commonwealth's governor between 2014 and 2018. McAuliffe is currently competing against GOP businessman Glenn Youngkin, who is backed by Trump.

Biden launched into a few swipes at the GOP opponent of the person he is campaigning for without explicitly indicating his name. He appeared to launch jabs against him when he said that the Republican candidate is an attendant of the former president.

According to the latest polls, McAuliffe has a slim four-point lead over gubernatorial candidate Youngkin.

One hour prior to the president speaking on stage, the venue was seen to be roughly half empty. However, a White House official remarked almost 3,000 people were in attendance there in the succeeding hour.

Over the weekend, the president was slated to return to his Delaware house as first lady Jill Biden graced the initial days of the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Fewer than 500 users on YouTube were watching on the main channel streaming the event.

Biden took some jabs for speaking to a half-empty room previously this week at a CNN town hall event.

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