Pro-life advocates and Catholics are condemning the appearance of President Joe Biden on Wednesday evening at a Catholic university in Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. According to Right To Life Of Greater Cincinnati, in a statement on Wednesday, the university invited a president who claims that Catholicism is his religion but has the most pro-abortion government in US history.

This prompted complaining from Cincinnati's archbishop and protests from local groups who are anti-abortion. Mount St. Joseph University confirmed on Tuesday that it was hosting Biden for a CNN town hall. 

University Founders Were Not Involved

The assembly of religious women, who were the university's founders, stated the sisters did not participate in hosting or planning the July 21 event. The statement indicated Mount St. Joseph University and CNN reportedly deliberated the choices within the event. 

The Sisters of Charity did not participate in the decision-making, they remarked. It added that CNN is utilizing the Mount's facility. They made the choices on the presence of people at the event and what questions to grill Biden with.

Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati called it "unacceptable" for the Catholic-affiliated university to host a town hall meeting for Biden. It also proffered instructions regarding how to hold demonstrations at the event, reported Fox News.

The group also prompted people to reach out to the Sisters of Charity who own the university. The organization also mapped out a demonstration for last Wednesday evening. The group is against abortion. It also stated the suburban university hosted the "most pro-abortion president" in the history of the United States. It asked people to call the university alongside Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr as a protest, reported Cincinnati.

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From opposite sides of the political aisle, demonstators greeted the president as he rode to the West Side of Cincinnati. He toured an electrical training facility. Outside, protesters assembled.

Other demonstrators gathered near the university. According to protestor Michelle Smith, "He's supposed to be Catholic. I don't understand how you can be Catholic and be a Democrat, which supports the pro-choice movement," reported Fox 19.

Demonstrator Shirley Richardson said, "I'm here because right is right, and wrong is wrong. and I'm here to stand up for what is right for America."

Meanwhile, according to a statement by from Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Marion Schnurr, he has not been asked for, nor would he have approved events like this on Catholic grounds. However, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is isolated in operation from Mount Saint Joseph University.

In 1920, the school was initiated by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati as Southwest Ohio's first Catholic university for women. According to the university, it has always been and will go on to be an all-encompassing and diverse place where people from various ethnicities, races, beliefs, social backgrounds, and religions could gather together and share their perspectives.

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