After encouraging Congress to undertake a thorough inquiry of the January 6 Capital riot, President Joe Biden stated he's fine with being compared to "Satan reincarnated." Biden had harsh words for anyone who questioned the severity of the Capitol insurgency on January 6.

Four individuals died in the incident, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who fell and died later of natural causes, according to police. Officials from the Justice Department have stated that apprehending everyone participating in the insurgency is a major priority.

Biden slams critics of Capitol riot investigation

Since the siege on January 6, more than 500 people have been arrested, with many of them pleading guilty. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, both selected by House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on a 13-member committee probing the January 6 Capitol riot inquiry, have already been rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to the Associated Press, Biden was replying to a question from moderator Don Lemon about whether he believed Republicans and Democrats could work together, considering that the two parties were having difficulties bridging the bipartisan split in probing the Capitol insurrection. Biden has stated that he opposes eliminating the filibuster, stating that he is more concerned with protecting voting rights than with eliminating a weapon that he believes will throw the entire Congress into turmoil and stagnancy.

The president also expressed confidence in Congress to reach an agreement on his $1 trillion infrastructure package, implying that despite its rejection on Wednesday, a compromise might be reached by Monday. During a CNN town hall on Wednesday night, President Joe Biden vehemently refuted the notion that the January 6 Capitol riot was a "peaceful march." Additionally, the president slammed comments from far out on the other side, The Sun reported.

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GOP attempts to question Pelosi about the Capitol riot

Meanwhile, Republicans on the newly established January 6 investigation committee aim to investigate why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was not better prepared for the attack, blaming Democrats for tolerating anarchy and rioting. On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Pelosi told that the GOP tactic is "desperate."

The GOP's approach also includes emphasizing leftist political violence, such as the 2020 summer rioting and looting in reaction to police brutality. Republicans were eager that any independent group include that subject area in its mandate during discussions on a potential bipartisan panel.

On Tuesday Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, along with ten other Republican members of Congress, sent a letter to the Justice Department asking for clarification as to why the Capitol rioters are being treated differently than other groups that have attacked federal buildings, such as Black Lives Matter protesters last year.

Jordan, a Republican from Ohio and a close ally of Donald Trump, and Representatives Jim Banks of Indiana and Troy Nehls of Texas were three of the five Republican members chosen for the committee who voted against certifying the Electoral College results for Joe Biden in at least one state on January 6.

Jordan, along with Representatives Jim Banks of Indiana and Troy Nehls of Texas, were three of the five Republican members chosen for the committee who voted against recognizing the Electoral College results for Joe Biden in at least one state. Rodney Davis of Illinois and Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota are the other two McCarthys chosen to serve on Pelosi's committee. Neither of them voted against Joe Biden's election victory in 2020.

Pelosi has the power to accept or reject committee members, but she has yet to say what she would do about the Republican members McCarthy has suggested. On Monday, a spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed that she had just received the GOP names and to stay tuned for more.

When pressed for further information on Wednesday, the statement was reaffirmed. On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise defended the choices, telling reporters that Democrats have a short memory when it comes to election disputes and that the shoe was on the other foot not long ago.

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