After striking his wife, an axe-wielding husband calls in a confession while waiting for the authorities. He took full responsibility for what he did and plead guilty to the horrendous crime.

The recorded call expesses that there was no hesitation in the axing of his wife as he narrates the crime. The convicted ex husband got sentenced after pleading guilty to the bloody killing of his spouse.

Last Tuesday, the defendant Stephen Booth, 64, was given life sentence of twenty-two and a half years in prison as a minimum when he admitted to axing his wife, Susan, 62 years old, after pleading guilty, reported Mirror UK.

He was arrested after making a 999 emergency call confessing to the crime that she did at her home in Hillside Avenue in Shaw, Oldham.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the husband waited for Susan at her home to get back from work. When she was about to enter the house, he repeatedly struck her from behind with an axe nineteen times leading to her death.

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The police arrived and found the victim with axe strikes in her, and the driveway was flooded in blood from the crime committed.

Confession on 999 calls

After killing his wife, Booth made two 999 emergency calls. He introduced himself and added that he had just spectacularly ended the life of his wife in Shaw. He mentioned that his wife was dead and cold, saying that he will be waiting for the police to arrest him or whatever they want to do to him. 

During the call, Booth even had the composure of putting on a kettle while he waited for the police to arrive which made the operator rather unsettle. He detailed the crime he committed as he made the serious confession. 

When no police showed after ten minutes, Booth went home where he made the second call to 999. He was still speaking to the operator when the authorities arrived to seize him. He refused to say more about the crime and demanded an interview.

The police arrived at the scene at about 9 p.m. on the night of May 4. The victim was rushed to the hospital where she worked but died after an hour. 

Intentional murder over house sale

The police later learned that the killing was caused by an ex who resented his wife over the sale of the home he made and shared with the victim in their 35 years of marriage. He was pushed over the edge when he received a call earlier confirming the sale of the house worth £452,000 that would happen in three days time.

Susan demanded half of the sale but Booth did not think she deserved it. He claimed that it was him who built everything in the house.

He admitted feeling terrible about what he did but still planned how to end Susan's life too. But he said that his wife was kind. The axe-wielding husband calls in confession but did not regret telling his crime, noted the Daily Mail.

Booth was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court after pleading guilty to murder. He is now starting a life sentence behind bars. "If I went to prison it wouldn't be any more painful than what pain I'm going through now," he said.

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