German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday observed what she touted as a "ghostly" and "surreal" scene in a wrecked village. She vowed for swift financial assistance. As the fatalities recorded from the flooding rose beyond 180, she also pledged for redoubled political targeting on mitigating climate change. The German chancellor toured Schuld, which is a tight curve of the Ahr River in Western Germany. It has numerous damaged buldings due to Wednesday's rapidly rising floodwaters. Dozens still remain missing, and rescuers still search for survivors. 

In the advent of the Western Germany flooding, the train station has been reduced to debris; and uprooted trees are lining the riverbank. In Heimersheim, hundreds still have no power as police officials on Sunday rummaged through the wreckage left by receded water in the search for bodies.

Merkel Says the Devastation Was Indescribable

According to Merkel, "It is shocking -- I can almost say that the German language doesn't have words for the destruction that's been wrecked," reported Opoyi. She recognized that the incident is an aftermath of the abrupt climate changes occurring resulting from actions by man.

Heavy rain triggered new floods in southeastern Austria and Germany. However, it is not on the scale of the onslaught in the previous week. Police officials put the toll from the hard-hit Ahrweiler in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Western Gemany at over 110. According to them, they feared the toll could still climb.

According to Zinat Hamsoro, 41, who resides in Heimersheim where it is typically peaceful, she had been forced to climb a hill near their area. "It happened so fast, and we weren't warned. The city council posted a warning message on its Facebook page, but by then it was too late," reported NBC News.

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Despite the Schuld mayor indicating no person was killed or wounded in their area, other places were unlucky. The fatalities in Ahrweiler stood at 112, reported Times Union.

Merkel called out the world leaders to take remarkable action to curb climate change. She underscored that global warming results to fatal natural crises to transpire frequently.

In Germany's most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia state, 46 fatalities were recorded, including four firefighters. Belgium has recorded 27.

As Merkel toured the damage in Schuld on Sunday, she met with survivors who lost their homes prior to traveling to Adenau where she held a news conference.

According to Merkel, officials will work to set the situation right again in Schuld. They added her Cabinet will approve a medium-term and immediate financial assistance program on Wednesday.

The leader stated there should be hurried action. She added they have to be faster in addressing climate change.

Merkel's visit comes after German president went to the area on Saturday and remarked it will necessitate long-term support.

Merkel will step down as German Chancellor later this 2021.

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