When will the SpaceX Starship SN20 launch date be? This comes after the race to space has been started by Elon Musk and his fellow billionaires making a stake in space.

Planned for launch in the coming weeks, the space vehicle will be the successor to the SN15. Probable places for the takeoff will be at the Boca Chica facility where rocket blasts off to space. Super Heavy Booster BN4 rocke will be used this time.

According to Space X, preparations to send up a full Starship system in orbit is ongoing. They've sent their flight plans to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which manifest that the SN20 launch is getting closer.

First steps to the commercialization of space

It is vital for the SN20 to be sent to space as it will have improvements over the SN15. Sources say that it will be the first SpaceXrocket to launch and reach a top most height of 32,000 feet into the atmosphere. One of the technical feats expected in the mission will be landing the spacecraft in one piece, reported the Express.

Other versions the SN8, SN9, SN10 and SN11 had the same goal but went crashing down to earth in a fiery blaze.

Taking into account the past failed landings, the space agency hopes the SN20 will be able to achieve a controlled landing. Accomplishing it will allow to develop commercial and reusable rockets for space commerce.

When the SN15 was able to blast off successfully on May 5, many want good news in the next Space X mission. If the SpaceX Starship SN20 launch will be successful, it will be a gamechanger for Elon Musk.

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Adding another element

The next mission will be the first time the Super Heavy Booster will be used, connected to Starship SN20.

It is a prototype called the BN4 which is 230-feet tall. When connected to the main space vehicle, they will be the full Starship reaching a total height of 400-feet tall in its full configuration.

But, the machine is under fabrication, said the source, nearing completion said the source.

Will the launch be soon?

Should the spacecraft be lifting off this week, it would mean roads to be closed and flights in and out will be restricted in Cameron County, cited NY Times Post

Another precaution is the danger of debris should the craft explode in mid-air. There is no guarantee the launch will be uneventful.

This week on July 12, several roads were closed last Monday to Thursday as precautions for public safety. Schedules for beach and road closures are on Monday 12-8 pm, Tuesday 12-10 pm, then Wednesday and Tuesday.

All the flight in the area are cancelled in Cameron County for the week. So, it might be that SN20 going to lift off any time this week.

For the most part, these flight cancellations or road closures are not usually called for in short notice. The space agency will be checking the situation until the SN20 is ready for its next mission to be set.

Still, there is more of a chance for the mission to go next month, at the latest. When the vehicle will be launched is not revealed though verified dates will be announced the last minute.

The expected date when the BN4 booster is ready will be at July's end. Achieving a soft landing with the entire Starship is the goal, said the FCC.

The SpaceX Starship SN20 launch is still tentative but if it succeeds, it will be technical feat for multiple use spacecraft, noted World News Here.

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