NASA warns of possible sea level rise as more greenhouse gases accumulate and cause polar melting in the north and south poles, where the bulk of the earth's water is present in frozen ice. 

The next ten years will see a higher high tide that is predicted previously, as the moon's gravitational influence will be more felt.

According to NASA, these frequent high tides will be in 2035 that will affect these coastal cities said the agency. Cities affected will be Boston, California, La Jolla, Florida, St. Petersberg, also Honolulu, caused by astronomical and oceanic influences as floods occur.

All these nuisance floods or sunny day floods will startem by high tides or rain, as opposed to storms or hurricanes. These weather changes will be very drastic but inevitable.

Waters rise due to climatic changes

Oceans will be raised over the present level, and some areas will be covered with water to push back the land area. This would not be possible if glaciers and ice sheets are melting at different speeds due to climate change, reported the Daily Mail.

By 2035, there will be a phenomenon wherein the moon will be wobbling in its orbit regularly, exerting gravitational influence on the risen seas that will not come unnoticed. NASA warns that US coasts will be flooded in these years due to these factors.

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Data says that the moon's 18.6-year cycle will have the tides lower in one half. However, the low tides will be a bit higher. Combining the moon cycle to higher ocean levels will result in high tides raised a bit more.

Flooding Predictions

It will not be that's simple as raised ocean levels are overlapping effects of the lunar wobble cycle and polar meltingl. This would be double whammy for the US coasts. Floods will be happening on US mainland coasts, Hawaii and Guam will be affected said NASA's Sea Level Change Science Team.

Bringing in the bad news, floods might in a cluster that will be as long as 30 days, governed by the position of the moon, earth, sun.

In 2037, Honolulu will see flooding high tides once a day a month, although 2047 will have flooding for 20 days in the same area.

As for Boston and La Jolla, St. Petersberg in predictions will have tide flooding from 5 to 15 days in one month by 2051. But the northern coasts, like Alaska, will not be inundated by high tide.

NASA's Sea Level Change Science Team from JPL said it was those lower-lying areas will experience more flooding in general.

No reversing the effects of lunar gravitation, higher sea, and the hammer of climate change that will wreak havoc via coastal flooding in the US or worldwide. NASA will give the information needed to know what to do in the future along with all measures needed to mitigate the effects of forecasted flooding.

Researchers detected those crucial points from 89 tide gauge locations in the coastal states and areas in the US with results up to 2080.

During 2019, more than 600 high tides were recorded mentioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NASA warns that US coasts will be flooded due to raised sea levels, and other influences.

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