The disturbed woman was very drunk when she committed such cruelty to the poor and defenseless animal, but she got Scot-free with no jail for her reprehensible actions a week ago. After getting away with it, the demented woman was seen with a grin and thumbs up.

After getting so inebriated, Bennet just threw in the critically hurt cat inside the freezer with her meals, after which she summoned the police to admit what she has done.

The woman is identified as Suzanne Bennett, age 48, from Greater Manchester, who allegedly knifed her defenseless cat, Poppy. She did it ten times, cruelly injuring the cat after drinking three bottles of wine on January 19, reported Daily Mail.

Cat suffers on the hand of the owner

After getting summoned by the woman, the officers went inside the residence and went to the kitchen. They heard the injured cat meowing and very stressed in the freezer. It sustained stabs on her leg and neck.

Poppy had survived the knifing attack by her owner, after getting treatment from the vet and taken by the RSPCA after the incident.

Bennet said that she had two other felines owned, and confessed to committing cruelty. Luckily, the cat miraculously survives 10 stab wounds. As penance, she was given an 18-month community order, because she had severe mental health issues, noted News Binding.

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Dual personality?

During her trial, the suspect told Wigan's magistrate's court last Thursday, it happened because she had an angelic and demonic streak, all rolled into one person.

She owned three cats in ten years, they were ten, nine, and eight years old, informing the court. The cats were eight weeks old when she got them. It is said that they were like her kids.

In one statement during the trial, she admitted taking better care of her pets, that is after stabbing them that shocked the group, cited the Daily Advent.

The verdict

Bennet was ordered by the court to finish a nine-month alcohol treatment program and had to pay £100 as a fine. More expenses she had to foot was £300 in vets' bill with £95 in costs. Lastly, she was prevented from owning any pets for 5 years.

The Prosecutor Anna McDonald stated that the vet said that Poppy had ten stabs that went a millimeter to four centimeters deep. Poppy survived the attack but suffered chronic pain from wounds.

The incident will bring more damage to the cats' mental state stated by the vet after it was injured and trapped in the freezer. Overall, Poppy suffered mental and physical torments at the hands of Bennet.

A disturbed person needing help

The convicted pet owner has been a model citizen and had depression for a decade, even voices spoke to her inside her head.

She said that that the freezer was on the chilliest setting to end Poppy the cat's life. Her devil side told her to cause harm but the cat miraculously survives 10 stab wounds. The angelic side of Bennet moved her to call for help.

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