It is a feature for viruses to evolve with exposure to their host, leaving the successful mutations intact in a new variant. This is a danger that is usually benign, and the immune system can cope although critical changes in spike proteins have already been detected in the Beta Variant.

One virologist alleged that unvaccinated people are dangerous sources of the possibly worse variant than what has been detected. It is important to lessen the chances of variants factories creating highly virulent SARS-CoV-2 variants.

People are dangerous sources of possible mutations

According to Dr. William Schaffner, professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, cautions that vaccination is an important step to prevent the evolution of COVID-19, reported CNN.

He says there is a strong chance that the human host is the best place for COVID to mutate, this is verified but the risk is there, noted Sciencealert. 

Normally mutations do occur but they are not always the deadly kind. Although by some unlucky accident, a variant might be enough to become a serious infection and lethal, said the virologist.

For example, the coronavirus can have two kinds of alterations by natural selection. Not all viruses will develop a good set of attributes. One can be detrimental to it, so it abandons the change that can harm it.

But one virus gets lucky and develops a way to fool the immune system which is bad for humans. Then it infects another host that will spread it further and becomes a new strain. If people are unwitting variant factories for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic then it should be remedied.

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Andrew Pekosz, a microbiologist and immunologist, connected to the Johns Hopkins University, mentioned that the best-suited strains are what infects more victims, cited NZ herald.

Virus are unwanted house guests

Pekosz added that each mutation will give a chance for more virulent changes in the SARS-CoV-2 genome, that allows a quicker spread in hosts, but one way to stop it is to keep it the same not mutate.

The World Health Organization has identified several strains that are of concern to them. These are four particular types infecting people now.

One is the Alpha, first seen in the UK, then the Beta which came from South Africa as the first ones. Next is the Gamma which is from Brazil, also Delta seen in India which are all equally distressing as they are causing havoc by evading antibodies and getting victims sicker.

According to health experts referring to the Delta variant is an alleged risk, even if vaccinated. There are claims that most vaccines can deal with it effectively, but not for all known strains. Pfizer alleged it can protect up to 88% from an infection by a Delta variant. But, it has not been verified yet.

In the US, experts are fretting that the variant will spread when it takes a foothold in areas of low vaccination rates. This will give a chance for the Delta to spread very fast.

According to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the most vulnerable are Midwestern states that are seeing some cases but not the Delta strain.

Many people can be unwitting variant factories for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic which means more vaccination are needed. But, claims about vaccines like Pfizer needs more studies to prove what it claims as its 88% protection from the delta.

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