Hunter Biden, son to U.S. President Joe Biden, was reportedly banned from a legendary celebrity hangout because of "drug use," a new report claimed.

Hunter Biden's Text Messages

The younger Biden had allegedly stayed at the Chateau Marmont in 2018 during an extended period of his drug use, according to the Washington Examiner. In a series of text messages uncovered from what is claimed to be Biden's laptop, he was shown texting one of the hotel employees after he was banned from the place.

"Did you know that I have to get pre-approval from the GM at the Chateau before I am allowed to make a reservation," one of his text messages read.

In the text message, Biden questioned why a note in the building's system said pre-approval was required before he could get in the establishment. The employer later informed him that he had been banned at the chateau for "drug use."

"Well that's a f****** first in the hotel's history I guess,' Biden says. 'Should I take it as a badge of honor?" Biden replied, according to the Daily Mail.

Hunter attempted to move to another West Hollywood luxury hotel named La Peer, where he was placed on the blacklist months later. In a text with the same employee from Chateau Marmont, it was revealed that he was banned for leaving a hole in the wall of one of the rooms he stayed at.

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The Dark History Of Chateau Marmont

The infamous Chateau Marmont has been the site of scandals over the years, including the deaths of several celebrities and allegations of sexual assault, Town and Country Mag.

In 1982, comedian John Belushi, 33, was found unconscious in his room by his personal trainer and bodyguard, Bill Wallance. According to reports, the comedian had needle marks in his arm, indicating an overdose.

In 2004, the hotel became the tragic site of yet another death. This time, it was legendary fashion photographer Helmut Newton who seemingly lost control of his car while coming out of the hotel's garage. The photographer crashed into a wall after suffering a heart attack at the wheel.

In 2017, the infamous Chateau Marmont was embroiled in controversy after The New York Times detailed numerous sexual assault allegations against Andre Balazs, the owner of the Marmont.

Actress Amada Anka, who attended a dinner party in a luxury owned by Balazs, alleged that he slipped a hand under her skirt and grabbed her crotch while she attempted to navigate the steps. Balazs' spokesman later confirmed the incident, noting that his actions were "dealt with."

In a separate reporting from The Times, Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino was accused of using his hotel room at Chateau Marmont as "ground zero" for sexual assault. He allegedly forced more than a dozen male models to be photographed in the nude.

Testino was also accused of forcing the male models to touch themselves, with his hands guiding their own. In some instances, Testino masturbated in front of the models.

Testino has since challenged the character and credibility of the models who accused him of sexual harassment.

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