At a party organized in the park by a controversial DJ, a riot broke out in Manhattan's Washington Square Park. It resulted in two stabbings, several robberies, and beatings. Two males were stabbed during the party at a New York City downtown park after a brawl broke out between 10 people.

At around 2.15 a.m., a crowd of around 50 individuals gathered in a park in the heart of Manhattan's historic and upscale neighborhood. One of the victims was identified as "Psycho Wilson" by police. He is said to be unwilling to cooperate with their probe.

Several people were hurt amid riots in Washington Square Park

A female, 21, was shoved to the ground, while a 77-year-old man who works at the neighboring Washington Square Diner was assaulted. After a plate was thrown at him for expelling a noisy customer, he received a huge cut on his forehead. The owner of Constantino's workplace recounted the assailant's behavior, who has been identified as Gregory Cornwell, 27 by the NYPD. Cornwell was reportedly held down at the site by Constantino's coworkers until the cops came, according to eyewitnesses.

Cornwell attacked one of the people who detained him and he has now been charged with assault as a crime. All of the people who were hurt are expected to make a full recovery, as per The Independent.

Residents claim that the parties at the Greenwich Village park have become a major issue. David 'Shaman' Ortiz, 28, one of the parties' promoters, referred to those who opposed the party as "Karens," a term for entitled white women, and "Kevins," a word for men.

Authorities have been requested to play a bigger role in the area. To keep the crowds under control, authorities sought to impose a 10 p.m. curfew on the park.

According to New York state coronavirus laws, outdoor events can now hold up to 200 people. This was changed from 50 on March 22. A maximum of 100 persons can be accommodated in an indoor gathering.

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Party promoter behind out-of-control raves tells residents to leave

Meanwhile, a party promoter accused of hosting raves in the park in crisis refused to budge. "To the residents, here is my response. If you have a problem with amplified sound and reside in the downtown area or near Washington Square Park, you should leave," Ortiz said in an interview with the New York Post. "I'm not going to allow anyone to take away our happiness."

The park has been plagued with loud parties, with complaints getting so severe that the NYPD enforce a curfew of 10 p.m. two weeks ago, which was lifted on Saturday. After many conflicts between park-goers and officers, the curfew was repealed.

Washington Square Park, located in the posh Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, has been dubbed "ground zero" for the city's plunge into crime and disorder. Because of its closeness to New York University, the park, which is located in the Greenwich Village section of lower Manhattan, has long been a gathering place for bohemian crowds to hang out, listen to music, and party with friends. Residents, on the other hand, claim all-night parties with loud music, public drug use, spontaneous boxing contests, and automobiles spinning donuts are too much to bear and have pleaded with NYC officials to intervene.

Despite not residing in the area, Ortiz has held large parties in Washington Square Park. After the curfew was removed, Crystal Howard, a representative for the city's Department of Parks & Recreation, informed the New York Post that the park would remain closed until midnight. According to a woman who did not want to be identified, when officers attempted to enforce the curfew on Friday, a "militant group" began harassing them, Daily Mail reported.

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