An Italian woman who went into a 10-month coma woke up to discover she was a mother to a lovely daughter she gave birth to while she was unconscious.

The 37-year-old Monte San Savino resident, Cristina Rosi, suffered a heart attack when she was seven months pregnant, which caused her to fall into a coma in July 2020. Medical doctors delivered the woman's daughter, Caterina, via an emergency Caesarean section while the patient was still asleep.

The woman's husband, 42-year-old Gabriele Succi, was able to celebrate the joyous occasion with his wife 10 months after the incident. He said he and his wife went through so much suffering to be able to hold their little girl close.

Becoming a Mother

Rosi's first word after waking up from her coma was 'Mamma,' her husband Succi said. Doctors in the room when the mother awoke confirmed her first word, he added.

Officials transferred Rosi to an Austrian clinic to receive full 24-hour specialist care. She is also scheduled to undergo a neurological rehabilitation program while she recovers from her coma.

The patient's tracheostomy tube was also removed by hospital staff to allow her to breathe for herself, Succi said. He added he was blessed to see his wife's progress and remembered back a few months where she was undergoing several tests. Shortly after, Succi said Rosi was hardly recognizable after she woke up from her coma, MSN reported.

Succi noted his wife was much more relaxed now and that medical professionals were taking care of her, giving her medicine that would help her further her physical recovery. A GoFUndMe page was put up by Succi to collect donations to pay for his wife's treatment, including intense physiotherapy, and has since raised more than $200,000.

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However, Succi said he hoped to raise more money and reach a milestone of more than $350,000 to ensure his wife has enough funds to receive medical treatment abroad. He said he wanted to give his wife and daughter the best care in the world.

Monte San Savino Mayor Margherita Scarpellini wrote on Facebook how important it was to share the family's story to encourage more people to help, and an attempt to boost donations to the GoFundMe page.

A Similar Incident

In 2019, a similar case was reported when a United Arab Emirates woman woke up from a 27-year coma. The patient, Munira Abdulla, was only 32 years old when she suffered a severe brain injury after getting into a vehicular crash with her then-four-year-old son, IOL reported.

Emirati hospitals spent several years treating and taking care of Abdulla while she was unconscious until April 2017. During that time, the Crown Prince Court helped Abdulla's family with getting treatment in Germany.

Schon Clinic doctors in Germany used a different approach in treating Abdulla, employing a combination of physical therapy, medicine, operations and sensory stimulation. Before waking up, Abdulla's son got into an argument with staff inside her room.

The son, Omar Webair, said his mother was making strange sounds while he was arguing with the staff. He urged doctors to examine his mother but they said everything was normal. However, three days later, he heard someone call out his name, the first her mother said when she woke up, BBC reported.

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