The blog that former President Donald Trump launched less than one month ago, following his team's suggestion for him to launch a new social platform, has been closed. "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump" was established on May 4. This blog allowed him to share his statements after being banned by larger social networking sites Facebook and Twitter from their platforms. 

The closure is permanent, said Trump's spokesman in a statement made on Wednesday. Senior aide to Trump, Jason Miller, echoed the sentiment, saying "the page will not be returning."

Trump's Return to Social Media

Back in March, confidence in Trump's return to social media was high. In statements to Vanity Fair, Miller said that he believed Trump would have the largest ticket in social media, and Trump's entry will completely redefine the social media game. 

Without sharing more detailed information, Miller also said that there are plans to create Trump's own platform, which he emphasized would be big. He added, "We're going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform." 

People who would attempt to visit the Trump page now will be welcomed with a web form requesting their contact information so they can receive updates through email or text message.

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According to Miller, "It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on." The website was previously billed as a platform by which the former president could engage directly with his supporters, reported 9 News.

Why the Sudden Departure?

According to The Washington Post, the former president closed up shop because so many people were making fun of it. A Trump adviser remarked he wanted to open a new "platform" and did not like that this website was being mocked and only had a few readers.

The blog drew a decent response of 159,000 engagements on its first day. However, it swiftly slumped and did not draw over 15,000 after its third day online. 

A Trump spokesperson suggested Trump could join or launch a new social media platform. The former president has struggled to sustain a line of communication with his millions of supporters since he was booted off social media following the January 6 siege at the US Capitol. 

Lawmakers were about to certify Joe Biden as president when a riot erupted. Shortly after the ban, Trump declared that he would be launching his own social media platform.

Fox News, which first reported that the former president had started the blog, touted it as a "new communications platform." However, late in May, Trump disputed Fox's framing in a statement. 

He stated the blog was a temporary way of getting his thoughts and ideas out to the public without what he called, "fake news". He emphasized that the website is not a platform, reported CNN.

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