New York will be awarding 50 full scholarships to residents aged 12 to 17 who will get COVID-19 vaccines. According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announcement on Wednesday, the "Get a Shot to Make Your Future" program indicated the state would provide ten scholarships a week for the succeeding five weeks.

Cuomo remarked the state would raffle off 50 scholarships in total, and these would cover four years of room and board, tuition, supplies, and books. New York will conduct weekly drawings on Wednesdays to pick ten winners randomly.

The prize draw would allow the parents of such children to add their child's names to the raffle. According to the New York governor, the state officials would be the ones to pick the winners every week.

Grants Up to $91,680

Adolescents will be chosen through July 7 to win one of 50 full four-year scholarships to any City University of New York (CUNY) or State University of New York (SUNY) school. The scholarships will not merely cover tuition. The tuition ranges from $4,800 to $7,070 yearly. Student fees and room and board could cost up to $14,110. It means any adolescent who receives the novel coronavirus dose could win grants with a total of $91,680, reported Daily Mail.

According to Cuomo, "It's a significant incentive for students. By the way, it's an incentive for parents. For parents, you worried about paying for college? Tell your 12-17-year-olds to go out and get a shot," reported Fox 5.

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The governor also stated, "If you get the vaccine earlier, you'll have more chances to win because you'll be in the first-week pool, the second-week pool, the third-week pool, the fourth-week pool, et cetera." Parents or guardians could enter adolescents who have been administered at least one shot of the novel coronavirus vaccine since May 12, reported NBC 5.

He announced during the press briefing that such adolescents make up five percent of all coronavirus tests being performed in NY but 10 percent of the positivity rate. It is also the age group in the state with the most meager percent fully inoculated at 8.7 percent.

Sign Up Early and Get More Chances to Win

Cuomo remarked children who receive vaccination earlier would have the most probable chance at winning. It is not clear when applications for the lottery will open up. However, people could sign up for notifications on a state website.

Schools across the United States are using food trucks, mascots, and prize giveaways to get kids vaccinated before school lets out for the summer. 

In Ohio, the Vax-a-Million campaign gives away five $1 million prizes to adult residents who have been administered at least one shot of the vaccine. Younger people can win one of five college scholarships, and the initial winners were declared after a drawing on Wednesday.

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