In late March, a discharged soldier from Unit 974 sexually assaulted and killed a female student in Myongchon County, North Hamgyong Province, according to initial reports. The soldier was a former member of Unit 974, the unit tasked with protecting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un's ex-bodyguard allegedly assaulted, killed a student

"On March 28 in Myongchon County, a man in his twenties called Lee from Unit 974 killed a female student," a source in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK on May 4. "He sexually abused the student until he killed her. When the community heard that this criminal had been in Unit 974, they were shocked."

The source said Lee was discharged from the military in mid-May 2015 and returned to his hometown of Myongchon County. Although he was released dishonorably, the county party committee paid him extra respect because he had closely guarded Kim Jong Un. He was given preferential treatment to others, such as being assigned to a comparatively prosperous position.

Lee, on the other hand, soon established a reputation as a troublemaker in the area. He was sentenced to six months in prison for sexually harassing a coworker by the end of 2015, the year he returned to his hometown. For related offenses, he was sentenced to 17 months in jail in 2017.

Then, at 8 PM on March 28, Lee ambushed a 17-year-old student surnamed Yang, who was on her way home after hiding in the vicinity of an apartment building located near a Myongchon County police station.

According to the source, the student was physically and sexually assaulted and was crying for help. The police later apprehended Lee, but the victim died due to "excessive blood loss."

Soldiers in Unit 974 are taught to be warriors armed with philosophy. The fact that a guy with a history of working in those positions committed murder and sexual harassment bewilders people. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il treated Unit 974 members with special care, referring to them as his "children." During the April 2018 inter-Korean summit, Unit 974 troops also guarded Kim Jong Un's vehicle.

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Kim Jong Un allegedly executed a choir conductor and an official

A recent article in a South Korean newspaper reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of a choir conductor who was reportedly shot 90 times in front of the general public. The choir was also required to march past the body, according to the report.

Per Newsweek via MSN, journalist Joo Seong-ha of the Dong-A Ilbo daily paper provides this incredible account. The story was first released on April 29, but it has received a lot of attention online. The tale has yet to be independently verified.

The story started on February 16, Kim's birthday, according to Joo. North Korea commemorates the Day of the Shining Star, and Kim Jong Un and his wife attended a night of performances at Pyongyang's Mansudae Arts Theater to mark the occasion.

One of the shows that night, according to Joo, was called "Shadow Magic," and it showed actors doing magic tricks behind screens as if they were shadows. Kim allegedly admired the performance afterward, but a conductor nearby commented that he didn't think the show was all that interesting.

The conductor was arrested later that night, according to Joo. Two days later, a summons was released for all Pyongyang artists. According to the reporter, on February 20, a crowd assembled at an execution site to see the choir's conductor being tied.

In April, The Mirror reported that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had sentenced a senior official to death after ordering low-cost medical supplies to get a hospital up and running. When the perpetrator, a deputy director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, negotiated for Chinese equipment to be shipped, the despot was said to become furious.

Sources in nearby South Korea claimed that Kim Jong Un demanded that medical equipment at the Pyongyang General Hospital come from Europe. Since last year, the hospital has been in the works. But it has yet to open despite Kim setting an October deadline due to the COVID-19 crisis. Since the official could not obtain the required equipment in Europe due to sanctions imposed on the rogue regime, he was said to have turned to China for assistance.

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