Joining a TikTok challenge, a woman claimed that her ex-boyfriend ghosted her in a viral Tik Tok video which already garnered over 4.3 million views. At first, this appears to be an ordinary story. However, viewers were left in a state of shock after knowing the complete story.

Last week, TikTok user @ kathrynverb posted a video that is an answer to user @kekeyee. The question posed is, "What is the most heinous way you've ever been dumped?"

The prompt is one of the latest TikTok trends and has sparked a movement of people on the platform recounting their ghosting anecdotes.

User @kathrynverb shared her experience about how her ex-boyfriend kept her in the dark for two years and never told her that he was lying to her all along. During that time, she never guessed his real identity. She was then ghosted by this man by pretending he died.

She added that he said he was thinking of going to the hospital because he was not feeling so well, but he started feeling better inexplicably. But she never received any message from him again though he told her that he was already well.

All her calls were never answered back, even text messages were ignored by her ex-boyfriend. Soon after, all her calls went into voice mail.

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The ghosted woman who posted the viral Tik Tok Video said that she freaked out and called the hospital, thinking her boyfriend was at the hospital, but he disappeared. Not giving up, she went at all the hospitals in the area, but he was not found anywhere. She then called the police to make a missing person's report. But it was later revealed that her boyfriend was using a false name.

Later she said, "So not only did the boyfriend abandon her by faking his own death, and he also deceived by feigning his fake demise. Also, lied to about his real identity for nearly two years."

After posting the viral video for three days, reaching 3.4 million views last Saturday, her story was published with 4.3 million views. Other data about the viral video got 708,000 likes and 13,600 comments. The confession caught the attention of many people online.

TikTok users were shocked at the video confession of @kathrynverb and were critical of the awful boyfriend. Her response to getting ghosted and fooled caught much attention.

One answer to her problem is that she should post his pictures and expose him for what he is.

@kathrynverb answer to the responses about her lying significant other was as stated. "Ya'll are so sweet for trying to find him." She added, "I actually finally do know his real identity, and I'm not ready to share that yet. Thank you."

Another said that her terrible ex might be a serial killer without knowing. hence, she should be grateful since she might be saved from an awful lifetime relationship.

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