The potential sale of the app to Microsoft has prompted the CCP of China to call it a planned smash and grab of the app. Chinese are frothing at the mouth with the sale of the app, which is taken personally by Beijing.

Tech giant Microsoft said it is planning to get the right to get TikTok in Canada, US, and New Zealand, which drew an adverse reaction, reported CNBC.

 President Trump mentioned that they will be buying part of the app which can be a bit complicated, but gave a go signal to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. He added there will be money paid back to the U.S. Treasury, for making sure the app gets 'acquired'.

The Global Times editor in chief, Hu Xijin is critical of the American move, and assailed it as theft. He added that Trump is turning the U.S. into a rogue nation, despite Chinese state practices on weaker nations.

Washington has long been critical of the CCP in weaponizing everything like apps to even students to collect information. This app according to American pundits, is Chinese-owned and is actively collecting all information on hapless Americans. But the owners are denying any connections to Beijing or the PLA.

Initially, the app was under threat of getting banned by the administration. Before Microsoft aired its intention to acquire the app, there were prior moves. One of these is when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo foreshadowed Trump's move that was to shut down the app in a Fox News Interview.

 A Chinese news outlet mounted another communist mouth-piece attack on the app sale. They called it stealing of Chinese technology, but recent reports indicate that China hacked other institutions illegally.

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On Sunday, the same paper said that China has the option to get back at the U.S. for its actions.

The China Daily reported that China is not taking the pilferage of Chinese tech that lightly. It boasted of ways the CCP can equalize the planned 'Smash and Grab' of Tiktok.

Now, the Global Times had a field day attack at the U.S. with headlines and words, condemning the apps ban in America as backpedaling by the Trump administration.

Global Times ran a headline that read: "Banning TikTok reflects Washington's cowardice."

More Chinese papers go wild with the American move

According to the official People's Daily newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party, the U.S. bans the app because it is better than what American companies offer. The article had time to critique the move to ban Huawei that is accused of being part of weaponizing everything the state can. Chinese planners like to combine state and business as one in monopolizing opportunities to the detriment of the world.

Still, the Global Times was kicking on the issue saying that Chinese companies can be better than anyone else in technology. But, the leaders in key digital tech is in Western countries that are always a threat of buyouts to get the technology by Beijing.

The Chines organ called the US an aging dinosaur that they intend to replace.

Moves in the technology arena with U.S. and Chinese companies is only one of the phases of the 'new cold war' that the CCP of Beijing intends to win.

 A planned "smash and grab" of the TikTok app is only a chapter in the tensions between China and the U.S.

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