Getting into a relationship is supposed to be the first step towards marriage, but what if you are in a "No Label Relationship," Will it work?

It cannot be denied that many people right now are dating and having an intimate and romantic relationship yet they are still in the so-called "No Label Relationship," This is where one or both of you assumes you are in a relationship status but the truth is they are not.

Another way of seeing it also is one of you assumes that you have a commitment with the person with whom you thought you are in a relationship. There is a danger of this "No Label Relationship" because might be that one of you is just using what he or she can get from you.

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According to a published article in the Thought Catalog, here are some reasons why a "No Label Relationship" will not work:

1. Either One or Both of You Has Sort of Hang-up

One of the main reasons why you are still in a "No Label Relationship" even if you have been dating for a long time is because you might not yet ready to have a commitment. It could be a family issue or sometimes one or both of you have not yet moved on from your previous relationship, according to MBG Relationship.

2. You Don't Have Any Right

To be in a "No Label Relationship" is one of the most painful parts of loving a person. One of you might feel jealous over a certain situation or argue on some issues but in the end, the question is "Do you really have the right to feel jealous?" or "Are you his boyfriend or girlfriend to act in that way?" If you think that your "No Label Relationship" hurts you, then you better stop it now.

3. No Label Means No Relationship

You tried to do everything and showed efforts to that person. You gave flowers, be with her or him every time she is sad, helped her in different ways, but the truth is you are not in a relationship. This means that you do not have the obligations to do such things. It is good to help but never assume that there is something in return.

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4. How Are You Being Introduced?

How are you being introduced? Only as a friend? Or there is nothing between you and her? It is very awkward to hear from the one you thought your girlfriend or boyfriend these introductions. It is not mentally and emotionally good for you. Do not seek affection, but look for a long-term commitment. Do not waste your time with a person who is just there if she needs something but will leave you anytime because again you are in a "No Label Relationship."

5. You Can't Escape the Inevitable

In a published article in Mars Venus, this is the most important reason why the "No Label Relationship" never works. Any one of you can decide anytime to end your complicated status. You cannot beg to have her or him back with you because again you do not have any "label."

These are just some of the reasons why a "No Label Relationship" does not work. It might only be a short-time honeymoon but it will just hurt yourself. It could even be the source of your depression. If you are in this status, it is now the time for you to decide. End it, or continue hurting yourself.