Prince Philip's last dying days can be described as a scene from a movie; peaceful, quiet, and with the love of his life, Queen Elizabeth II, at his side.

Prince Philip, on his dying days

The Duke of Edinburgh, married to Queen Elizabeth II, had 99 years of living his life to the fullest. He was born in 1921 to a royal Greek and Danish family. This Friday, he had his last breath at Windsor Castle.

According to New York Post, Prince Philip spent most of his dying days in slumber. In his best waking hours, he would bask up the sun with a blanket on his lap and his "Lilibet" as he fondly called his wife, by his side.

Richard Kay from Daily Mail reported much about the last days of the royal consort. He narrated that despite their poor health, the Queen and Philip were able to spend time together as they had always done.

When he lost his reading glasses, they were picked up by a footman who jumped forward. The duke raised his arm and said, 'Never mind.' 'I'll take care of it.' As a result, he knelt on the cement.

He was to be made as comfortable as possible, and even if that meant adjusting meal schedules, so be it.

He still read and exchanged letters on his best days, as recently as this week. He'd ask for a chair to be carried outside, dressed in a shirt, pressed pants, and polished shoes.

According to a royal source, his final wish was granted; to die at home rather than in a hospital. In the past few days when he was getting terminally ill, the Queen refused to bring him to the hospital following the wish of her husband.

CNN reported that with the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional expression of grief would not be made possible. The people had been asked to stay away from the palace and offer donations instead.

Prince Philip's last dying days were one saving grace for the Queen: she and Prince Philip were reunited at the end. This could be the tiniest of consolations after more than seven decades of their lives circled in both love and royal obligations.

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