President Biden will be signing executive orders for gun control, and his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives nominee. This was announced by White House officials on the eve of the incoming appointment for Biden's nominee.

The declaration came after the president was pressured by Democrats and gun control activists who demand a response to the recent shootings in Georgia, Colorado, and California.

President Biden's Executive Orders on gun control coming soon

The White House will be directing the Department of Justice to suggest proposals to stop the spread of ghost guns and to control the sale of buttstocks for firearms. Biden will direct the Department of Justice to have red flag legislation to dictate how states frame the bill, said NBCNews.

The popularity of DIY gun kits or ghost guns, or sometimes those assembled by gun enthusiasts with parts bought online will be tackled by the administration because such firearms have no serial number. Another issue is a buttstock or stabilizing brace that according to the Democrat president's argument turns a pistol into a small rifle, it escapes being subjected to the same regulations which a rifle of similar size would be, the shooter in Boulder Colorado installed a buttstock on the pistol.

If a person poses a threat to themselves or others, red flag laws allow family members or law enforcement to ask a state court to temporarily prevent anyone from possessing firearms.

An executive order will be given by President Biden to instruct the DOJ to start a new report that covers the trafficking of firearms, gun control, which is only done now from the last time in 2000. One administration official said the report is vital to know the extent of firearms trafficking.

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Quoting a fact-sheet that is used by the White House, here is the statement.

"The president is also expected announce that his administration is investing in evidence-based community violence interventions that provides strategies for "reducing gun violence in urban communities through tools other than incarceration."

Biden's nominee for the ATF is David Chipman, who is a senior policy adviser at Giffords, the gun control advocacy group led by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz. Before his stint at Giffords, he worked as a special agent in the ATF for 25 years.

ATF representatives have had a difficult time obtaining Senate confirmation in the past. B. Todd Jones was the last head of the bureau to be confirmed in 2013. Before Jones, the bureau had gone seven years without a Senate-confirmed chief.

When Jones left the ATF in 2015, the only leaders were its acting directors in that capacity. During the Trump administration, Regina Lombardo is the current acting director until the confirmation of President Biden's appointee.

One of the promises that president Biden declared is addressing gun control, but it was not a priority when he took office in the early days after the inauguration, but the new mass shootings prompted the need to address the situation and gun violence.

In late March, President Biden said that executive orders that will strengthen gun control were not a priority of his, however, the recent shootings have prompted the president to be more decisive.

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