With a video that ends with the search term "COVID-19 vaccine near me," Google is urging people to "get back to what you love."

Google's COVID-19 vaccine ad garnered emotional reactions

Google's COVID-19 Vaccine Ad Earns Emotional Response as It Encourages People to 'Get Back What You Love'
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Google To Open Spaces For Mass Vaccination Sites And Promote Vaccine Education NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 25: The Manhattan Google headquarters is seen on January 25, 2021 in New York City. Google announced today that it will be opening up select Google facilities to serve as mass vaccination sites open to anyone eligible to receive the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. They will also commit to using more than $150 million dollars to promote vaccine education.

The minute-long video follows search words during the COVID-19 pandemic and reveals how they adjust as a consequence of vaccines, enabling citizens across the world to switch from interactive to in-person gatherings, USA Today reported. In a French search, the ad starts with a litany of search words from earlier in the pandemic, such as 'quarantine,' 'social distancing,' 'lockdown,' and 'restrictions de voyage.'

Then "sweat pants" become simply "pants," and a virtual "happy hour" calendar note becomes a true "happy hour" calendar notice. A theater's location on Google Maps changes from "temporarily closed" to "open." The song becomes more upbeat before ending with a final series of keystrokes that spells out "COVID vaccine near me."

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In the video's summary, Google states, "Though there's still doubt ahead, the vaccine gives us cause to hope. You may have concerns as the vaccine becomes more widely accessible. To learn more, do a Google search for 'covid vaccine.'" The commercial also urges people to access the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website.

Although Google posted the "Get back to what you love" video on YouTube in late March, it gained attention after broadcasting during the NCAA Final Four games over the weekend, according to 9to5Google, an unaffiliated website that covers Google-related news.

Google's video, which had over 6.3 million views as of 9:30 AM ET Monday, is garnering emotional reactions from viewers, with some "catching the light at the end of the tunnel," as Twitter user Stefano Maggi described it.

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Google urged the public to get vaccinated


Google has started marketing a new video in an attempt to persuade people to take the COVID-19 vaccines, as per India Times on MSN. The one-minute video, titled "Get back to what you love," attempts to convey the message in such a way that any apprehensions about the vaccine are disproved.

In the United States, Google's public awareness efforts have begun. Although the majority of Americans receive vaccinations, a significant number of Americans remain skeptical, expressing reservations over vaccine efficacy. Furthermore, people seem to be worried about the vaccine's possible side effects.

As a consequence, there is a deliberate attempt to dispel these misinformation-based misconceptions and myths. The latest video from Google is a step in the right direction. The one-minute video recounts our experience during the pandemic year, from being restricted to our homes to finally being able to return to "normal."

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