MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell''s forthcoming social media website will be able to handle over a billion users, according to him this week. As Lindell thinks it will handle upwards of a billion, if it does not, they will look to get to that capacity. He does not think the idea is exaggerated.

Lindell to Launch New Social Media Platform

Lindell spoke regarding the website on Friday during the "War Room Pandemic" podcast, helmed by former President Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon. He stated that It is going to be the safest and most secure social media platform, reported Newsweek.

The businessman and staunch supporter of Trump was permanently banned from Twitter in January for contravening its misinformation policies multiple times. He also spread election abuse conspiracies.

The MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell also claimed his site would provide netizens a "bonus" if they are suspended from YouTube. In Lindell's interview with "The Eric Metaxas Show" published on March 30, he remarked his own service, named Frank, is slated to launch within the next two weeks. He pitched it as a mixture of personal posts, video uploads, and community discussion forums.

Lindell remarked he built the social media platform an expectation to be attacked. Frank has a landing page but is not operative yet.

He previewed Frank on "War Room" last Wednesday. He stated when it launches on the week of April 12, it will not be probable to censor or cancel. Lindell stated he designed the social media platform for free speech and to get the word out. He added it is going to be the megaphone for the globe, reported War Room Pandemic.

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The current goal is to initiate it as soon as April 5, but no later than April 12. Lindell said the mere reason for the delay is that he added six more servers in a separate location, reported The Epoch Times.

Earlier this March, Lindell unveiled plans to initiate a new "free speech" social media platform that was depicted as being a mixture of Twitter and YouTube. The domain currently displays a static webpage claiming the project will be targeted at "average Americans" and "major influencers." They will be able to post articles, videos, and data, appearing to be with a lax approach to content moderation.

Lindell remarked if a user is banned from YouTube and will be joining his social media platform, that means he or she is actually speaking their mind again. It was not immediately made clear what the bonuses would be. It was also not made clear how the forthcoming social media platform would be carried out to accommodate such a system.

He stated he wants redundancy, so he has three varied US locations and another hidden one. So if any individual went out there to physically damage his content, he wanted a fourth location.

Lindell said his social media platform would be outside of the control of Big Tech oligarchs. He added no content could be taken down from Jeff Bezos or Apple.

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