Former President Donald Trump's social media platform will be launched in three to four months, according to a former senior adviser with Trump's 2020 presidential campaign, Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski stated on March 27 that the platform would serve as an interactive communication tool through which Trump will be able to post things that people will be able to communicate directly with him.

Trump's Own Social Media Platform

Lewandowski stated a platform would be initiated where it will be able to present the former president's "America First" message to the public. He added there would be an opportunity for individuals to communicate and participate freely, without fear of retribution or the cancel culture, reported EN24.

The former campaign manager's statement comes after remarks from Trump, who said on a March 22 podcast that upon being prohibited from Twitter and other major social media platforms, he is working on his own and would expound on details soon. According to Trump, he is doing things having to do with setting up his own platform out there that people hear about soon, reported Yahoo Finance.

Lewandowski stated the new social media platform would not rely on Amazon or Amazon servers. Therefore, it will not be on course with the same fate as Parler. Parler had billed itself as a free-speech alternative to Twitter prior to its being simultaneous de-platforming by Apple, Amazon, and Google.

According to him, it is going to be built entirely from scratch, from the foundation up. He added that is going to give Trump the opportunity to control the distribution of it and who participates in it, reported DML.

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Lewandowski remarked that Trump has been working on the social media platform for a long while. The former president picked Lewandowski to run a super PAC as part of his upcoming political efforts after leaving office. Trump adviser Jason Miller also said last week the former president would soon establish a platform that will entirely "redefine the game" and attract "tens of millions" of netizens. Miller initially said Trump would return to social media in around two-three months. 

Trump was permanently prohibited from Twitter and Facebook after the January 6 siege at the US Capitol. This cut a direct line of communication between the former commander-in-chief and his millions of his followers. Both companies alleged that Trump's messages could provoke violence. The US Congress later acquitted the former president on similar charges set forth by Democrats.

Since then, some world leaders have expressed concern over such censorship. According to Twitter, the ban is permanent. Meanwhile, Facebook is deliberating whether to restore access to Trump's account.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) recently stated he was "uncomfortable" with the microblogging website removing the former president. He cautioned that people with a differing view from the former president could also be banned.

According to Lewandowski in response, he and Sanders do not agree often, but he is right. He added when you could cancel the former president of the United States, the leader of the free world, from issuing First-Amendment rights and opinions, you could cancel any individual.

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