Ex-Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf called the proposed COVID-19 vaccine passports an end to freedom. If it gets into common use, that will allow CCP to take control. If made mandatory, they will change everything and force the vaccine on everyone. Just one step for governments to weaponized the virus further.

Ex-Clinton Adviser says NO to vaccine passport

According to former Clinton adviser, Naomi Wolf, a vaccine-passport might be in the works. Eventually anyone who's gotten a shot will be listed. But, those who have not will be known, reported Epoch Times.

If no one realizes what all these networks are capable of it would be a surprise. A vaccine passport seems a nifty idea but there's a catch. As the CEO of a tech firm, she knows how the covid passport will work.

Sunday night, Wolf told Fox News about what will happen if permitted. She said that it's about personal data, not the vaccine or the virus. When the need for if a vaccine passport is mandated there is no choice.

Everyone will be part of the system;  no 'ifs' or 'buts'. The choice is gone so complying is the only thing to do.

Such data can be "combined with your Paypal account, with your digital currency. Even Microsoft is already thinking about mixing it with payment plans said the Clinton adviser.

Ex-Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf said six months after, protesters say that it's a two-tiered system. Essentially activists are marginalized and constantly monitored in Israel. She related what is happening Israel after the vaccine rollout.

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Civil society will end as this documentation is spreading all over the world. A vaccine pass is powerful device that will impact everyone. If some is not vaccinated that mean limited interaction in society.

Choose not to get a jab there will be consequences because of that decision. It can shut down anyone's life or allow normal day to day living.

Wolf goes even further, contrasting such plans to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) community monitoring. Just the same as the social credit ranking implement by the communists.

Another example is how the CCP control a billion Chinese so easily. Using information or an app that can track anyone with ease. She said Biden's recent vaccine passport is no different than the CCP.

Reports say that Biden administration officials has suggested tagging those vaccinated. The Washington Post and CNN said the administration is working on a national vaccine passport standard. Mentioning an unnamed, unconfirmed sources this is not done in a non-communist country.

The state of New York made its very own Excelsior Pass. Which will be used at large-scale venues like Madison Square Garden. Civil liberties organizations and supporters have condemned the devious proposal.

Such vaccine passports have already been given in other countries. Last February, Israel established one to give people access to fitness centers and hotels. Iceland uses a similar passport to allow international travel same as Saudi Arabia.

Melinda Mills, asked why would it be needed by anybody and is it really a necessity. Is it really worth having to do anything normally?

 Ex-Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf made her point as did Melinda Mills. Is having a vaccine passport foolproof that no one can get reinfected.

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