As the latest COVID-19 stimulus checks were sent out over the weekend, a stimulus check dispute that started from a confrontation ended up in the fatal shooting of four individuals based on the family of the victims.

Stimulus Check Dispute Leads to Four Deaths in Indiana

An Indianapolis man, Malik Halfacre, allegedly confronted the mother of his own infant, Jeanettrius Moore, and argued that she owed him half of the $1,400 stimulus check that Moore received to help her through the pandemic. But Moore did not back down from the demand of  $700 of the stimulus check that she received based on the family of Moore.

 According to The Washington Post, a cousin of Moore, Wendy Johnson shared that Moore spoke with her regarding the argument and mentioned that Halfacre stated that he will get the money. The stimulus check dispute allegedly ended in tragedy over the weekend as four of the family members, including a child were fatally shot by Halfacre.

Based on the report of the police, they had arrested the 25-year-old, Malik Halfacre, in relation to the deaths of 7-year-old, Eve Moore, Tomeeka Brown, 44; Anthony Johnson, 35; and Daquan Moore, 23. Halfacre has not been formally charged, however, preliminary charges were filed which include four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of robbery based on the report on Monday, by the deputy chief of investigations with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Craig McCartt.

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In addition, the prosecutor's office of Marion County will review the case before bringing charges based on the police. But it is still not clear whether Halfacre has an attorney.

 Moreover, when asked for comment early Tuesday, members of the family of the victims did not immediately respond to the requests. The police department has not declared whether the argument that led to the fatal shootings started from the stimulus check dispute. A police spokeswoman shared to a news outlet that it is still not confirmed on their latest investigation.

Meanwhile, in a news conference Monday, McCartt shared that the shootings came at the end of a domestic dispute. The deputy chief of investigations with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department also shared during the news conference that they just know that there was an argument which escalated to the point where the suspect pulled out his weapon and started shooting everyone in the home, USA Today reported.

But the incident is considered as the first instance of violence to reportedly stem from stimulus checks. Although violence over stimulus checks remains rare, a number of Americans have been arrested or accused throughout the pandemic in connection with allegedly stealing money.

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Then a cousin of Moore, Wendy Johnson shared that on Saturday night, Moore told her that Halfacre returned to the house on North Randolph Street and repeatedly demanded to have her stimulus check. But the brother of Moore, Daquan, defended her sister and pushed Halfacre to leave based on the family's statement.

Daquan stood up and stated that Halfacre that he cannot have the money of his sister. But instead of leaving the property, the family of Moore shared that was when Halfacre allegedly started shooting, hitting the mother of his own child, and the mother of Moore, brother, cousin, and even her cousin's 7-year-old daughter, IndyStar reported.

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