Former President Donald Trump insisted that he won the Presidential election in Georgia, telling the election investigator in Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office in a phone call in December that 'the country is counting on an audit that was launched in determining whether the signature verification process for mail ballots was done properly in the third-largest county of the state.

Trump Insists He Won in a Call with Election Investigator

According to ABC News, the phone call which lasted for six minutes had Trump telling the election investigator, Frances Watson that the country is counting on it because it is interesting. Trump also mentioned that he won everything and he knew he won Georgia by a lot and everyone knows that there was something bad that happened in there.

Moreover, he also mentioned to Watson that when the right answers will come out, she will be praised and people will say that it is great regarding the investigators' ability to check the election. Trump also stated that she needs to make everything right because everyone knows that it is wrong.

The new audio recording came out in the middle of a criminal probe of efforts of Trump in overturning the results of the presidential election in November in the state of Georgia, which he lost by 11,779 votes to Biden. In the launched investigation by the Fulton County district attorney's office last month, the center of the investigation is an hour-long phone call of Trump with Raffensperger on January 2.

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In addition, during that phone conversation, the former president spewed baseless conspiracy theories and falsehoods regarding the election and pleaded with Raffensperger to find the exact number of votes that he needed in order to win the state. But Trump denied the wrongdoing and his impeachment attorneys disputed that he acted improperly in that telephone call in any way.

On the other hand, Raffensperger made an announcement on December 14 stating that the investigators in his office, in coordination with the GBI or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, will be conducting a signature match audit of absentee ballot envelopes and stated that there were specific and credible allegations that signature matching was not done properly by election officials in the June primary.

In the audit, a total of 15,118 absentee ballot oath envelopes were randomly selected and it is where voters are signing. The audit which was completed on December 29 found that there were two ballots which are not supposed to be accepted as they should have undergone the 'cure' process, but the director of the GBI clarified that the two ballots were not cast fraudulently, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Based on the recently obtained recording by the WSJ, the election investigator assured the former president that her team and the GBI are only interested in the truth. Also, she added that it will be done by finding out information that was based on the facts, 11Alive reported.

When the call was initially reported, the identity of the election investigator was not revealed as the source who shared the details of the call asked Watson to be unnamed because of the threat that election officials faced. But in the latest obtained recording by WSJ, Trump identified her by name.

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