After the cease-and-desist letter by Trump that demands stopping the use of his likeness by the RNC, Ronna McDaniel told the press despite the spat, they are still okay.

The Republican ''RINOS'' have been disagreeing with Trump from day one. It got worse when some voted to convict during the sham impeachment, that Trump decided to push his clout in the party.

According to Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel of the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Newsmax TV, both entities are working together. She added that everything is fine in the recent exchange of statements between the ex-president Donald Trump and the RNC over the use of his image and messaging, which he prohibited using. Newsmax reported this alleged clarification over the issue.

After the ex-president's rather terse tone, the RNC chairwoman cleared up the issue to settle it. She added that Trump issued a statement that brought relief to the RNC. 

Trump said that he supports the Republican Party and GOP committees. McDaniel told the host of "Spicer & Co." on Tuesday, ex-president will hold an event for the Republicans in Palm Beach.

Ronna McDaniel said that it would be a speaking engagement during the event. Since the CPAC in Florida showed his dominance for the conservatives, and his influence was very marked. Many in the GOP recognize they need him.

Last Friday, Trump lawyers sent letters to the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Campaign, and National Republican Senate Campaign asking that his image and anything connected to it be stopped. Lawyers said that they did not have the authority to use his image or likeness in their fundraising.

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These GOP bodies are dependent on Trump's mass appeal, which kickstarted their fundraising. This move showed that if he played hardball, the GOP would lose a lot. The RINOS or "Republicans in Name Only" who benefitted the most went against Trump.

J. Justin Riemer, an RNC lawyer, defended using the ex-president's name in a fundraiser for the GOP. The midterms of 2022 are coming soon, and funds are needed desperately for campaigns. Riemer added that he is a public figure that is connected to the First Amendment-protected political speech.

In the Monday statement, Donald Trump said that he supported the party and GOP bodies. He said that RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) and fools, he did not support. If they used his image, they have no right to. 

McDaniel remarked it was the ex-president's option to support whom he wants. This was normal in politics and did not draw any negative reaction from her. One Brightside is the GOP will get his support for the candidates he would endorse, and the RNC will be part of the primaries. Soon voter registration will be done, and the RNC will be working with Trump to recapture the House and Senate.

The Chairwoman stressed that GOP unity is key to all goals in the 2022 midterms. Another is that the GOP cannot lose, or America will be the loser. 

Ronna McDaniel stressed it's an effort on the GOP and Team Trump to knock Biden off in 2024. That cannot be done without cooperation and money for all the Republican party.

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