Rising star Luka Doncic has quickly established himself as one of the NBA's biggest attractions in a short time. And another proof is the record-breaking sale of a Luka Doncic NBA rookie card completed over the weekend.

Luka Doncic NBA Rookie Card sold for $4.6 Million

The very rare Doncic rookie card was sold on Sunday for $4.6 million, making it the most expensive NBA card ever sold. The card on the open market features the NBA logoman catch, which came from a game-worn Dallas Mavericks jersey by Luka Doncic alongside his signature in blue ink, which was the only card made of that variety specifically.

According to CBS Sports, the Luka Doncic NBA rookie card was originally from a box of 2018-19 Panini national treasures basketball trading cards. It was revealed during a live pack break at the Layton Sports Card shop in Altamonte Springs in Florida. The Luka Doncic NBA rookie card was sold to collector Bolillo Lajan San, but its initial price was not clear.

TMZ Sports claimed that San paid more than $400,000 for the card. San negotiated the ultra-rare Luka Doncic NBA rookie card to high-end collector Nick Fiorella and closed the deal at $4.6 million.

The 2018/19 National Treasures is the absolute premium set for card collectors as it is a single pack of 10 cards in a box that boasted numerous of the rarest cards in the collecting hobby. It is impossible to find a single box at MSRP outside the market, but the 2019/20 packs normally sell for $4,500 or even more in some secondary markets.

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The Luka Doncic NBA rookie card really speaks for itself as it is the first time that NBA cards were available of the Dallas Mavericks star. The term 'Auto' is used when the sportscard is signed before its release as he signed for Panini, the cards' set's producer, and included the signed card in a pack they've released.

The 'Logoman' refers to a jersey patch embedded in the card itself, and in the case of the ultra-rare Luka Doncic, the NBA rookie card has the NBA logo. It is one of the rarest as it automatically causes a card to multiply its value regardless of the player in the card.

Moreover, the card is a 1-of-1 which means there is only one card existing globally, and Panini will never produce it again.

In recent years, the price of sports cards has gone wild in the market. Even its market has been treated as a secondary stock market.

The simple cardboard cards are now turned by companies as rare, elaborate works of art and completed memorabilia to make them extra special.

Considering the performance of Luka in the league, he is continuously becoming not only one of the best players but also one of the most popular in the world due to his global appeal as he played previously in Europe, where he grew up. But some collectors were surprised that the card was sold for that price despite not being inspected by a third-party grading company like PSA, SCG, or Beckett, which normally solidifies the card's condition in an auction, SBNation reported.

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