Goodbye, Kimye. Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West on February 19, following nearly seven years of marriage.

The Timing of the Divorce Filing

It was shaping up to be an average day for Kim Kardashian West on early Friday afternoon. She had posted videos to her Instagram Story exhibiting the newest designs from her SKIMS shapewear line. She also uploaded photos of herself lounging in her living room, still wearing a ring. A few hours later, it was declared Kardashian had filed for divorce from her husband, Kanye West.

The move sets forth an impending end to one of the most followed celebrity couples of the 21st century -- the marriage of a reality television star and a rapper and hip-hop and phenomenon with four children, fame, and a vast amount of fortune.

History of the Couple

Kardashian and West began dating in 2012 and had their first child in 2013. West proposed later in 2013 using the giant screen at the empty waterfront ballpark of the San Francisco Giants. The couple tied the knot on May 24, 2014, in a ceremony at a Renaissance fortress in Florence, Italy, reported CBS 19.

News of Split Since January

The two stars have been making news headlines since the news of their turmoil emerged in January. West has reportedly not been doing well after the news.

According to a source close to West, "He is anxious and very sad. He knows that the marriage is over, and there's nothing that can be done right now. He also knows what he is losing in Kim. She has defended him privately to her family. She has stood beside him at a time when few wives would have...," reported The Free Press Journal.

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The Reason for the Divorce

In January, Kardashian, 40, was considering divorce, and the pair had been engaged in marriage counseling. According to an insider, "Kim was just tired of waiting. She tried to give it a chance. She wanted to do this last year. She gave it plenty of time but it's just time to move on. There were no affairs. No one did anything bad. They grew apart," reported E! News.

According to the source, Kardashian is serious regarding taking the bar exam and becoming an attorney. She also takes her prison reform campaign seriously. Meanwhile, West talked about his bid for the presidency and said other "crazy" sentiments, and she had enough of it.

West is also reportedly not fond of Kardashian's family. He said he is completely over the whole family and "wants nothing to do with them." Kanye apparently found the reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" "unbearable."

The start of the end of the marriage comes after the September declaration that the show that made her family's name, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," was about to conclude in 2021. This was after 14 years of airtime.

The businesswoman has enlisted the services of Atty. Laura Wasser earned the title "disso queen" courtesy of her work tackling high-profile celebrities' divorces.

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