Aside from targeting the international cryptocurrency, North Korea also attempted to steal Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine based on South Korean lawmakers. The lawmakers from the South confirmed it after they were informed about the latest findings of their National Intelligence Service during a regular closed-door hearing of the intelligence committee of the National Assembly.

North Korea Attempts to Steal Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data

Ha Tae-keung and opposition lawmakers together with other members of the committee shared to the reporters that the cyberattacks included an attempt to steal coronavirus vaccine and treatment technology, to which Pfizer was subject. He also added that South Korea had observed a 32 percent year-on-year jump in the number of cyberattack attempts from the Hermit state.

However, it was not clear whether when the stealing attempt happened or was is it executed successfully. When asked for a comment regarding the said stealing attempt issue, a representative of Pfizer did not give any comment immediately.

The statement coming from the officials of the South is the latest accusation against North Korean hackers for attempting to steal the said vaccine technology, emphasizing the ongoing campaign of Pyongyang in obtaining sensitive information through foul means and its evolving cyber capabilities, Reuters reported.

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Meanwhile, in November, the multinational technology company, Microsoft stated that Russian and North Korean hackers also attempted to steal information from numerous pharmaceutical companies around the world. It also mentioned that the majority of the attempts were unsuccessful.

Aside from the hackers from North Korea and Russia, the United States government also accused Chinese hackers last year of targeting vaccine makers. While South Korea stated that it had foiled a North Korean attempt to hack into companies that are developing COVID-19 vaccines in that country. The statements coming from the South Korean intelligence had no effect on the state media of North Korea as it has still no reaction regarding the issue.

According to Washington Post, the Gavi Alliance, shared that despite claims of being a coronavirus free country, the Hermit state has requested for COVID-19 vaccines.n They are already scheduled to receive around 2 million doses despite the statements coming from the South Korean intelligence.

The state media of North Korea has still no reaction regarding it. Soon after the outbreak of coronavirus, North Korea closed its border with China in order to secure its people's health, but it affected the economy of the country.

Despite its economic struggles since the start of the pandemic, North Korea has managed to survive. It has also strengthened its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Experts from the United Nations shared that their inquiry regarding the theft of $281 million in assets from a cryptocurrency exchange in September highly suggests that the stealing was performed by North Korean hackers, Western Advocate reported. The report also added that the independent sanctions monitor accused Pyongyang of using stolen funds from its hacking program to support its offensive programs.

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