Buzzfeed News ran an article on dental veneers and how influencers have taken to them in order to make their smiles more beautiful and appealing and in order to gain added confidence. The article uses as a frame of reference, the experience of beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer, Casey Joe. Joe was always self-conscious and uncomfortable because of the flaws in her teeth: the gaps seemed too wide, one front tooth jutted out slightly, and these flaws invited vitriol whenever she would run a beauty campaign. So, a year ago she decided to do something about it and get veneers

A veneer is, as the name suggests, a thin material, usually composite or dental porcelain, placed over the tooth. Veneers are used where someone has stained teeth that cannot be whitened through bleaching; gaps in their upper front teeth; chipped or worn teeth; or crooked or misshapen teeth. This type of procedure is very popular in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where many dentists offer it, as we'll find out below. 

A composite veneer is either built-up in the mouth or, a dental technician working in a lab will indirectly fabricate it, and then bond it to the tooth, usually with a resin cement. Composite veneers are usually reserved for adolescents who will change to more permanent veneers when they grow up. Composite veneers have a lifespan of four years.

On the other hand, a porcelain veneer can only be fabricated indirectly. A full veneer crown covers the entirety of coronal tooth surfaces. Laminate veneer, however, is a thin strip that only covers the tooth's surface and is used mostly for aesthetic reasons. They retain less plaque and have wonderful performance and look very good.

Veneers, whatever the kind of veneer, are something that you can get done with a dentist in Plymouth MA

Joe, as the article says, looked at dentists in Miami and New York, but found that her budget could not cope with the prices she was quoted. In the end she decided to have her dental work done by a dentist in the Dominican Republic, whom she paid $2,500 to get 10 veneers for the bottom and top sets of her teeth.

Her dentist started off by filing a small number of teeth down, removing a sliver of enamel in order to make composite veneers for her teeth. The entire process took 12 hours: four hours spent on the bottom row and the rest on the top row. Usually anesthesia is used during such procedures, but on this occasion, Joe did not use any, so she did feel some discomfort. Her mouth felt sore because it had been open for so long, so she did not immediately feel comfortable with her veneers. It took her a day to adjust and Buzzfeed News reports that she felt really good about the procedure especially because so many people complimented her about how beautiful her teeth looked. 

The article discusses how other influencers, such as the 28-year old, Alaska-based Ashley Strong, have gotten veneers and documented the near-miraculous change in their smiles. Some have gotten veneers even when there is nothing wrong with their teeth, but as a way of enhancing their beauty. For influencers, the ability to smile with confidence, knowing that they have a beautiful set of teeth, has an impact on their careers and ability to monetize their value, and so, is vitally important.