Democrats opened the second impeachment trial of Former President Donald Trump with an impeachment video featuring scenes from Capitol insurrection in January, Tuesday.

Trump's trial came just more than one month after Capitol Hill was stormed by rioters who wanted to prevent the certification of the 2020 election results.

During the trial, Jamie Raskin, the lead impeachment manager played an impeachment video montage which showed the events of January 6 and also included a previous speech from Trump where he urged his followers to march to the Capitol and protest the results.

However, several people have criticized the video that was shown saying that it was cut and edited.

Was the Impeachment Video Spliced?

Trump's impeachment Attorney, David Schoen slammed the Democrats for showing the clip which he says was spliced to leave out Trump's call for a peaceful demonstration just a few moments before the rioters entered Capitol Hill.

Moreover, Trump also stood up for himself and labeled the video as "deceptively edited."

According to NBC News, in an interview, Schoen threw shade at the Democrats and said that it is very easy for them to show the edited film. He also added that the Dems probably hired a large movie company to manufacture the impeachment video.

In addition, he said that the video was shown as a move to trick the Americans, and made it seem like Trump's speech happened while the riots were ongoing. Then, Schoen questioned the purpose of the video.

Schoen also said that the video is sending a misleading and very dangerous message before labeling it a "hoax."

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According to Daily Mail, impeachment trials do not follow the typical rules in choosing evidence as civil and criminal courts. In impeachment trials, the Senate is able to consider whatever is presented in weighing the charge of impeachment.

However, Schoen argued that the impeachment video shown should not be considered as it is dishonest and misleading. He also added that it would never be accepted in any court in the world since it was manipulated and spliced.

He also stressed that the video that was shown does not have any ties to Trump or his speech and was simply put together for a "silly argument."

What was in the Video?

The impeachment video was a compilation of footage from when supporters of Trump stormed the US Capitol with the goal to stop the certification of President Joe Biden's win in the elections. It also showed Trump's speech alongside the videos.

However, RSBN News posted a clip of Trump's full speech on their Twitter account and it included a part which was not shown in the Democrat's impeachment video at all. It was the part where Trump said that there will be "peaceful and patriotic" marching towards the capitol as people call for their voices to be heard.

The Truth

Meanwhile, Newsweek did a fact-check on the allegations and found that some parts of Trump's speech were indeed left out of the montage. They also stated that it was indeed edited and the part was spliced out of the impeachment video.

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