Amid the talks on impeachment chaos, U.S. leaders discuss the new $2,000 stimulus check for 2021. 

Impeachment process alongside the third stimulus check talks

Third Stimulus Check Plans Full Steam Ahead amid Impeachment Chaos. How Much Exactly It Could Bring you?
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Impeach Or Remove Trump Immediately WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 12: People gather at the base of the U.S. Capitol with large IMPEACH and REMOVE letters on January 12, 2021 in Washington, DC. The group is calling on Congress to impeach and remove President Donald Trump on the day that Democrats introduced articles of impeachment in response to Trump's incitement of a mob entering the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6.

The 25th Amendment starts invoking to remove President Donald Trump from office. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader-designate Chuck Schumer vowed to make another coronavirus relief aid their top priority with a much larger amount of stimulus payments. Schumer counts on pushing the bill with the new Democrat-led Senate.

However, it is unclear if lawmakers will approve a third stimulus check of $2,000 per eligible individual, or a check of up to $1,4000 per person. These figures would raise the $600 second stimulus check to a maximum $2,000.

According to CNET, President-elect Joe Biden is more likely to support the $2,000 stimulus check. On January 10, Biden tweeted, "$600 is simply not enough when you have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table. We need $2,000 stimulus checks." 

However, Senate Democrat Joe Manchin seemed to object as he expressed his concern several times regarding the third stimulus check's cost. Manchin suggested that financial aid would be better focused on those who are most in need of money. 

Manchin later appeared to change his stance. His spokesperson said he is "open" to hearing Biden's case for the stimulus check but prioritizes the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Biden's plan includes funding delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine for a large stimulus bill. 

The Senate is evenly divided, so the incoming Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is set to break the vote as opposition from only one Democratic senator could destroy the hopes for a larger stimulus check.

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How much could I get with the third stimulus check?

Trump's insistence on the $2,000 stimulus check figure gave Democrats a toehold across the board for a follow-up relief aid for Americans and the economy. Biden will undoubtedly attempt to use his presidential influence to steer Congress into the $2,000 third stimulus check approval and part of a new bill that would cost "trillions of dollars."

The total per eligible person limit is not necessarily your final payment, as per CNET. The total amount of stimulus payment that you could receive depends on several circumstances, such as eligible child dependents, adjusted gross income (AGI), and other qualifications. 

From $600 stimulus check to $2,000, it is a huge leap, and these figures represent the highest amount a household could get. You should also note that, like the first and second payments, there will be reasons why some people may not get the exact amount.

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The third stimulus check remains the top priority

According to The Motley Fool via MSN, the incoming Congress and President cleared that their priority is working on another COVID-19 relief bill. This might mean a delay in getting the much-needed funds into people's bank accounts. 

But people who hope for more relief would be glad to know that both the incoming Senate majority leader and President-elect have reiterated they do not want to allow the impeachment chaos to affect the progress of the COVID-19 relief aid. As early as Thursday, Biden is set to reveal his stimulus plans, and the proposal puts forth another round of stimulus checks, which cost $2,000 for each eligible American.

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