By walking her husband on a leash, a woman from Canada had a dog's chance of beating COVID-19 restrictions imposed in the area based on a report.

According to the Telegraph, the 24-yar-old Canadian woman told the law enforcement that she was just out walking her dog close to their home in the city of Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec, where a curfew is currently imposed starting 8 p.m. until 5 a.m.

While the curfew was still in effect, the police spotted the odd couple at around 9 p.m.

Based on the rules on the coronavirus restrictions imposed in the area, individuals may venture out during the said hours. However, only if they stay within a half-mile radius from their homes while walking their dogs.

Police spokeswoman, Isabelle Gendron, shared on Telegraph that one of them had the other on a leash and the woman mentioned that she was just taking her dog while pointing to her partner, out for a walk, as it is allowed under the exceptions by Quebec's premier based on its curfew law.

Due to the violation committed by the Canadian woman and her 40-year-old husband on a leash, who was not named by the authorities, they received a fine of $1,217 for the violation that they have committed.

Gendron also shared that the couple mentioned that it is their pleasure to receive the fine and it will not stop them from committing and breaking the rules in the future as they want to see whether how many tickets they could get.

Curfew in Quebec

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On Wednesday, Quebec Premier François Legault in his first address of the year announced that there will be tightening of lockdown measures that aim to put the second wave of coronavirus in the province under control.

Quebec's premier also mentioned the deepening health crisis for the measures.

He also mentioned that last year has not been easy for them as they have fought the battle of their lives and unfortunately the battle is not over for them.

According to BBC, Legault also asked the residents in his area to respect the ongoing distancing rules as he knows that it is difficult for them but as Quebeckers, they can work as a team when necessary.

The province of Quebec thus becomes the first province in Canada to impose a curfew during the ongoing pandemic.

Since October, Montreal ad Quebec City has been under partial lockdown, where restaurant dining rooms, bars, gyms, and other entertainment venues were closed.

The premier of Quebec also put all non-essential retail stores closed and extended the winter break for students from elementary and high school, and also ordered office workers to work remotely.

He also mentioned that the measures he imposed for non-essential businesses will remain in place until February 8, but said curbside pick-up will be allowed.

The incident of the woman and his husband on a leash is just one of the violations that police have recorded, as they have issued 750 tickets for violations during the first weekend of the curfew, News18 reported.

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